Our mission

Making people’s working lives easier, every day

What started life as an online hospitality booking solution for one client, across a few cities, has now grown into one of the most sophisticated workplace utilisation tool and meeting room booking software on the market, used by tens of thousands of 'bookers' world-wide.

When Gerry Brennan and Conrad Jagger decided to explore the Cloudbooking application’s potential, they envisaged creating a seamless meeting room booking software, that was intuitive, intelligent, and proactive; taking care of the little things so that people could concentrate on the important stuff.

Whether it’s a room, a desk, a coffee, or a cab, Cloudbooking now gives its users the ability to manage the things they need at the touch of a button.

Cloudbooking’s meeting room booking software and services represent everything that we stand for – intelligence, flexibility, and simplicity.  

Our Promise

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At Cloudbooking its people like you that rock our world, that’s why you'll never feel like just a number. Our solutions will evolve with you as your needs change and we promise to never stop improving our offering, the latest updates guaranteed! Every client, no matter how big or small, will receive the highest level of service, from the initial demo request, to your first technical query, we’re with you every step of the way.  

Our values

  • Innovation drives us. That’s why we’ll never stop improving and updating our solutions, for free! 
  • We’ll only offer world-class, responsive, and excellent customer service
  • We’ll build honest and transparent relationships with all of our customers and suppliers
  • Embrace change to ensure our solutions are future-proof and always ahead of the curve
  • We promise to nurture and empower all of our customers

Smarter workplaces

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