Our story

What is your workspace technology telling you? That all the desks are taken, while half remain empty? That there are no meeting rooms available, yet some clearly are? And didn’t you just notice there were two people in that meeting room designed for twelve? Continue like that and you’ll soon be signing the lease of a new building you really don’t need.

Cloudbooking exists to ensure you make the right business decisions about your two most important assets, your space and people.

Our workspace management tools and data insights will ensure you truly understand how your space is being used and how you can fully optimise what you already have. So, whether that’s managing desks or rooms, visitors or the movement of your people, we will make your life simpler and easier.

No waste of space. No frustrated employees. No money down the drain.  

Work the Space

office through a glass window

By telling you exactly what is happening across your estate in real time, you will never have to worry about additional head counts or acquire more workspace until you absolutely must. It’s called sweating the asset, but we like to call it working the space.

Work with us. Work the space.

Our values

  • Innovation drives us. That’s why we’ll never stop improving and updating our solutions, for free! 
  • We’ll only offer world-class, responsive, and excellent customer service
  • We’ll build honest and transparent relationships with all of our customers and suppliers
  • Embrace change to ensure our solutions are future-proof and always ahead of the curve
  • We promise to nurture and empower all of our customers

Smarter workplaces

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