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Employee Experience: Is your business ready for the next stage of the Evolution?

March 2019


Organizations must view their employees as key customers, not just workers. By building superior employee experiences in the workplace with the help of technology, businesses can create diverse workforces with stronger employee engagement, loyalty, and productivity.

Businesses and their employees have gone through seismic, complex shifts in the past 20 years. With ever-evolving employee expectations, businesses have had to rapidly adapt to deliver a well-organized, rewarding, and productive workplace experience. However, do businesses really know what action to take to improve the workplace experience of their employees?

To investigate this question further, Cloudbooking commissioned an extensive, UK wide research project into employee experience and the evolution of the employee. We’ve explored the thoughts of over 1000 UK employees, across both the public and private sectors. Our results reveal a workplace experience that is desperately lagging behind employee expectations and delivers key insights for business leaders to consider as part of any future workspace strategy.

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