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Safely welcome visitors to your workplace with the most intuitive and intelligent visitor management system available. Automatically check in visitors, issue passes, manage meeting bookings and send arrival notifications with our low touch, easy to use visitor booking solution.

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Control every aspect of the visitor management process with one easy to use visitor booking system

  • Visitor pass printing including photos if required
  • Self-registration and check-out via our highly configurable tablet app
  • Available for multi-tenanted or shared office spaces

Cloudbooking’s visitor management software is the result of extensive research and regular feedback from our clients reception teams, enabling us to build an easy to use, seamless and efficient visitor experience.


CBReception is our feature rich cloud-based visitor management software that was designed and built for the needs of our existing clients and their hard-working reception teams.

  • Manage every aspect of the visitor process through one simple solution
  • Send visitor arrival notifications via email or SMS
  • Easy to deploy with little or no training required
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First impressions count so why not make it even easier with Cloudbooking's visitor sign in system and self-service visitor sign in app.

  • Self-service check-in
  • Highly configurable, make visitors aware of COVID safety, fire or confidentiality rules
  • Available for iOS and Android
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Advanced Security

For secure sites, Cloudbooking offers a multi-level, approval based, visitor management solution to ensure no visitors can access restricted sites without prior authorisation.

  • Restrict areas or buildings to suit business requirements
  • Citizenship and nationality checks
  • Visitor approvals prior to arrival
  • Batch check-in for multiple visitors or groups
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Pre registered visitor approval and health screening

Improve check-in efficiency and safety with our visitor check-in app, enable pre-approved visitor access and health screening.

  • Speed up check in with pre-registered and approved visitor bookings
  • Visitor health screening with custom questionnaire
  • Client branded customisation available for CBCheck-in app
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Big on data

Live, detailed and accurate visitor management data available from our comprehensive analytics dashboard.

  • Evacuation reporting of all visitors currently on premises
  • Comprehensive audit trail of all visitor events, including receptionist actions, visitor pre-registration, escort, host and visitor actions, all securely maintained on the Cloudbooking system.
  • Improve reception staffing levels by Identifying busy and quiet visitor arrival times
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