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Connect your workplace management to the tools you use the most with Cloudbooking's technology integrations. Our integrated workplace booking solutions seamlessly connect with your existing office software, including Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Google Calendars, Azure and Zoom.

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Integration is life

At Cloudbooking we ensure we can integrate with your business and building management systems, in order to give you one easy to use, intelligent solution - uniquely tailored for your business. And if we don’t have what you need, give us a call!

Extensive list of API's already available

We fully integrate with many third-party systems to link everything from accounts and video conferencing software, to a single sign-on for secure and efficient access from a single interface

RFID booking

Automated desk check-in using RFID technology to introduce a passive booking experience, allowing bookers to check in and out just by placing their laptop on a desk.

  • Book using no effort, with no impact on your bookers
  • Increase space efficiency in a cost-effective and non-intrusive way
  • Real-time data and management information on usage and occupancy

NFC booking

Employee smart card authentication makes it even simpler to book a desk or room. Simply tap your card on the screen, select a room or desk and take a seat... it's as easy as that!

  • Simply swipe to register/book, and check in and out of your room and desk bookings
  • Book via our interactive 3D floor plans
  • Instant user authentication
  • Compatible with all major NFC card providers
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Active Directory & IDaaS

Cloudbooking can easily integrate with Active Directory, giving you Single Sign On (SS0) access. We can also integrate with IDaaS in order to ensure GDPR compliance and synchronisation between Cloudbooking and your live Active Directory.

  • Offering 2 methods of integrating: cloud-based solutions (e.g. Microsoft Azure) and on-premise solutions (e.g. ADFS)
  • Manage multiple access levels for direct colleagues, contractors or suppliers
  • Centralise data management and improve security by introducing a safer way to log in, without the need for a username and password combination
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Microsoft Outlook Exchange & Office 365

Access all essential features for booking your meeting requirements within MS Exchange, Outlook or Office 365 calendar. Easily search availability, invite attendees, order catering and resources from your preferred calendar.

  • Automatic integration between Exchange and Cloudbooking via the mobile app or browser, digital signage and Outlook calendars, no matter where the booking is placed
  • User-friendly access to workspace availability, allowing for seamless scheduling
  • External visitors automatically receive notification with maps, directions and QR code for automated check in
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PayPal API

Turn underutilised rooms and desks into productive earners by externally renting your flexible spaces and accepting immediate payments quickly and securely with our robust PayPal API link.

  • Receive immediate payment for rooms and desk bookings
  • Accept cards, PayPal, PayPal Credit, and the latest digital wallets via your phone, tablet, or laptop
  • Automatic PayPal Fraud screening, real-time transaction monitoring and robust protection policies on transactions
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Sensor technology

Our occupancy sensor technology can be integrated with the Cloudbooking core services, giving you the ability to improve workspace efficiency by providing live room and desk availability and usage across your estate.

  • icon-Artboard 1 View and book via our free mobile app, available for iOS and Android
  • icon-Artboard 1 View and book directly on each floor through touch screen kiosks featuring interactive 3D floor plans.
  • Small, discreet energy efficient sensors


Track your footprint in a simple and effective way, whilst getting helpful advice and tips on how you can improve it - CBFootprint is our all new workplace efficiency tool that will help you to truly get the most out of your space.

  • Improve efficiency, so that you can avoid external bookings or the need for new, expensive real estate
  • Direct from the dashboard, see how the rooms/desks or spaces are being used and get tips on ways in which they can be better utilised
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