Working From Home an Obvious Step for Family Happiness

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54% of women felt that their family’s quality of life would be better if they are working from home.

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Working from home, the key ingredient for a successful work/life balance

Can working from home return the balance? Our fast-paced 21st-century life with its commercial pressures affects the vast majority of us. It isn’t like it was. For those of us of a certain age, many can recall the days when dad was the breadwinner, whilst mum was there when the kids came home from school.

It is a picture of a simpler time, one which some yearn for, but one also associated with greyer times.  Like all eras, there is good and bad, but how many of us stop to think about the effects that modern life is having on us today?

This is driven in most part by the cost of living and here in the UK, where we at Cloudbooking are based it’s certainly not a cheap place to live if you want some quality of life.  This means most homes now have two working parents, bearing the strain.

Much has been said about this, and only this week jewelry firm, Stella & Dot published research showing that more than 70% of women feel their children would be happier if they worked from home, whilst 54% added their family’s quality of life would be better if they are working from home. This is just the latest analysis to show how society is yearning for a better and more balanced way of living.

There are millions of people all over the developed world who could now work from home, but outdated modes of working are stopping this.

Making it work

Systems are in place by businesses, such as ourselves, which means the dream of working flexibly and from home are very achievable – the workforce is crying out for what should be widely available.

Cloudbooking is at the front of this changing mindset to embrace work flexibility, and this is demonstrated by being approached by leading US campaign group, 1 Million For Working flexibility to show how we make it work in our own business.  We deal with some of the world’s leading companies who have workforces all over the British Isles and beyond.  They are embracing agile workforces and reaping the benefits of a happier, more productive workforce.

In the UK, this demand for a more fluid approach to work between employer and employee is now becoming deafening, so let’s work together to make it a reality.  Our feature for the US campaigning body 1 Million For Work Flexibility is linked here showing how we make it work. You can make it work too.

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