Ensure your workspace is secure with Cloudbooking’s visitor management system

Security visitor management system

At Cloudbooking we understand that certain businesses require heightened security measures when it comes to visitor management systems. Cloudbooking understands the challenge organisations face within industries such as aerospace and defence, pharmaceutical and energy supply concerning change management and how difficult it is to find the right security visitor management system for you and your business needs.

Cloudbooking’s adaptable visitor management features can help you meet all your security needs and assist you with digitising your workplace through our office scheduling services such as our desk booking system, our room booking software or our car park management system.

To see for yourself how our systems can help you secure your workplace and integrate with your existing workflows and processes, either sign up for a demo today or contact our sales team with any questions you may have.

Cloudbooking helps you meet your secure visitor management needs

You’re in secure hands with Cloudbooking

With over 20 years of experience delivering hybrid-working solutions to some of the world’s most complex organisations such as Airbus, Marshall Aerospace and EDF, we are confident that adopting the Cloudbooking’s security visitor management system is the best choice a business can make to ensure site security. Site visitors are easily vetted in advance and all your employees are held accountable for maintaining the standards you require for governance and compliance.

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Cloudbooking client Marshall
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The complete end-to-end security visitor management system

Our visitor security features expand upon our standard visitor management systems to provide a simple, adaptable and flexible solution based around your business needs. Not only does our workspace management solution offer all the services that are vital for every business looking to offer a complete hybrid-working environment such as our desk booking system, our meeting room booking system and our car park management system, but our enhanced secure visitor management system provides heightened security solutions that include the following key features:

vistor screening

Pre-screen your visitors before they arrive

Through easy-to-implement settings with your portal admin dashboard, with Cloudbooking you will be able to create a custom list of countries that relate to security risks to your business allowing you to initiate background checks on Nationality & Citizenship for visits to secure areas.

If any of these countries are then added in the ‘country of origin’ or ‘recently visited’ field of a visitor booking form, our system will recognise the entry, place the booking on hold and ensure the right people in your organisation are automatically notified for approval.

visitor access

Grant the right access to the right people

A security-conscious business like yours – as per many others within the realm of the Aerospace & Defence industry or energy or pharmaceutical sectors – is likely to have an office estate or business premise with many different areas, rooms or sectors that require different levels of security clearance. Cloudbooking makes it easy to ensure that your visitors can only be booked into rooms or desks they have clearance for.


Ensure the right people know about security breaches

Our secure visitor management system supports complex approval chains and guarantees that the right employees – whether they are simply your facilities team or your InfoSec specialists – are kept informed of all visitor bookings through our automated notification engine using voice call, SMS or email.


Track and log all your visitor activity

By using Cloudbooking your business can rest easy knowing that every step of your visitor security process is logged and stored securely for your reference in case of a security breach.

Through our analytics reporting dashboard, you can easily view live and accurate visitor management data including in-depth audit trails of all visitor events. Plus, you can simply monitor a host of other activity including receptionist actions, all visitor pre-registration requests, visitor escorts and all manner of host and visitor actions while onsite.

And of course, as part of our rigorous analytics system, this data can be restricted as you wish and only accessed by users with the right admin privileges.


Customised confirmation emails and on-site visitor support

Once your visitors and been screened and approved, our system allows you to notify your guests with customised emails that can include access requirements such as proof of identity procedures, visitor terms and condition agreements or simply your current health & safety regulations as we all return to work following the pandemic. These emails can also connect to our other services such as office WayFinding to ensure your visitors don’t veer off into areas they shouldn’t be.


Provide your visitors with the best on-site experience

Aside from our secure visitor management specific features, with Cloudbooking your visitors will also benefit from our standard visitor management tools such as photographic badge printing and self-service visitor check-in via our reception sign-in app.

Additional features such QR code desk check-in and the ability to easily locate desks and meeting rooms that support visitors with accessibility needs means you can be confident that your visitors experience will be as simple and as painless as possible.

Increase security with intelligent workplace management systems for Aerospace & Defence industries

Ensure advanced security and improved employee safety and well-being with Cloudbooking’s workspace management software for the aerospace and defence industry. Adhere to strict security demands with an advanced visitor management system for high-security sites.

A&D companies require advanced security systems that record detailed information about guests and employee movement. Our dynamic workspace management system is able to provide a secure and intelligent visitor management tool that is built around your business. Find out how our platform works with an obligation-free demo.

secure visitor management tools

Manage a safe return with our visitor management software

This is the perfect workplace management system for the aerospace and defence industry. Cloudbooking simplifies visitor management and space management through world-leading technology, ensuring safe and flexible working for your employees.

Cloudbooking’s workplace management system brings the aerospace and defence industry a comprehensive solution for tomorrow’s challenges.

Maximise security with our visitor management services

The aerospace and defence industry faces a constantly changing landscape with challenges that include security and space management. Our intuitive and secure workspace management software for aerospace and defence companies is able to provide advanced and adaptable solutions that support employee safety and productivity.

From visitor pre-arrival safety checks through health and safety controls to the production of photo ID badges, our workplace management for aerospace and defence will ensure the smooth running of all the security requirements you need.

Cloudbooking desk booking mobile app

Utilise app integration with workspace management software for aerospace and defence industry

Cloudbooking’s easy-to-deploy workplace management software empowers A&D companies to improve site security and ensure employee safety.

Cloudbooking provides a simple and easy-to-use solution controlled through our mobile or iPad app. This user-friendly software offers feature-rich visitor management with pre-approved background checks, visitor health screening, location control depending on security clearance and more. Our system also provides an audit trail along with comprehensive reporting features, enabling firms to keep track of their site security.

Low touch desk check-in with QR code technology

Cost-effective and easy to deploy, Cloudbooking’s QR code booking technology enables colleagues to use their mobile devices to book and check in and out of desks and meeting rooms, thus reducing surface contact and supporting the reduced risk of coronavirus spread in the workplace.

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More than just secure visitor management…

Cloudbooking’s secure visitor management solutions are only part of the package we can offer Aerospace & Defence, Pharmaceutical and High Security Industries looking to either digitise their workspace or adopt hybrid or flexible working.

Flexible desk booking gives you the ultimate workspace flexibility.

  • Modernise your workplace and workforce with hybrid-working practices.
  • Desks can be booked via your custom web portal or through the Cloudbooking mobile app.
  • Gain a complete understanding of how your desk estate is being utilised.
  • Live data analytics and easy reporting help you make the right decisions about your office estate.
empower your staff with desk booking software

Integrating with the apps you know and love

Market-leading SaaS solutions giving you performance and scalability to empower data and improve the workplace experience. Cloudbooking can connect to many of the world’s most popular apps, leveraging their capabilities to enhance employee experience and drive real estate value.

Deskbooking integration Microsoft 365
Desk booking integration google workplace

Discover how Cloudbooking delivered a security visitor management system for EDF Energy

EDF Energy

Cloudbooking provided an end-to-end service with a personal approach and a deep understanding of our specific requirements. They made the system simple to understand and simple to implement for us, it’s both user-friendly and visually appealing. A very successful and well-supported rollout.

Melisa Samuels

Project Delivery Manager

Workspace management system for aerospace and defence industry FAQs

Cloudbooking’s agile workplace management system can help A&D companies ensure flexible and safe workspaces. Discover how Cloudbooking can help improve your site security.

Yes, of course. Cloudbooking offers customisable workspace management tools to tackle ongoing developments for the aerospace and defence industry to help create a safer workplace and improve employee well-being.

Yes. Cloudbooking technologies enable customisable access control across multiple sites depending on ID, citizenship, security clearance, health screening, etc.

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