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Government flexible working

At Cloudbooking we offer flexible-working solutions that can help government organisations and the public sector meet their sustainability, efficiency and technological targets and implement government flexible working.

Our suite of industry-leading workspace management solutions includes desk booking, room booking, secure visitor management, car park management and more.

To see for yourself how our system can help you achieve the optimum workspace environment for productivity and efficiency, sign up for your no-obligation free demo or contact our sales team today.

Cloudbooking helps you meet your government targets

You’ll be in great company with Cloudbooking…

Cloudbooking flexible working client Havering borough council
Cloudbooking flexible working client Lincolnshire county council
Cloudbooking flexible working client FCDO services
Cloudbooking flexible working client Solihull Met Borough Council
Cloudbooking flexible working client Horizon Regional Council
Cloudbooking flexible working client Registers of Scotland
Cloudbooking flexible working client The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Are you implementing a
phased return to work?

Cloudbooking is the perfect workplace management system for government organisations looking to action their return to work strategy or implement flexible working. With our world-leading software you can provide safe and flexible working for your employees.

Cloudbooking government flexible working solutions

  • Allow your employees to dictate exactly what days they work with our desk-booking system.
  • Manage the number of desks and meeting rooms available for booking with our easy-to-use estate management features.
  • Ensure the transition to hybrid-working is made as simple as possible through features such as our simple QR-code check-in system or mobile booking app.
  • Safeguard your visitors and business through our secure visitor management system that includes pre-registration access approvals, self-service check-in and more.
  • Ease the burden of the work-day commute by allowing your employees to reserve car parking spaces along with their desks and meeting rooms.
Phased return to work for government flexible working organisations with Cloudbooking

Increase your chances of reaching net-zero with sustainable workspace management

At Cloudbooking we understand how difficult the challenge to meet net-zero and sustainability targets can be for Government Organisations.

But through our workspace management system, we can help you better understand how your employees are really utilising your office environment and where you can streamline energy and resource usages across your real-estate.

Cloudbooking can help government organisations with their sustainability and environmental targets through flexible working

The environmental benefits of cloudbooking workspace management

  • Integrate with leading building management systems to reduce unnecessary energy consumption.
  • Use data to understand exactly how and when space needs to be used.
  • Automate the activation of HVAC, lighting and other systems based on when space is booked and likely to be used.
  • Deactivate systems when spaces are not used or cancelled.
  • Reduce commuting carbon emissions by offering a truly hybrid way-of-working with desk booking and meeting room booking.

Maximise your workplace space efficiency with Cloudbooking

Cloudbooking’s occupancy and utilisation tracking capabilities can help illuminate how people are teams are utilising your office space, what pressure is being put on resources and – crucially – the cost to your business.

Space efficiency solutions for workplaces

  • Use booking data to make accurate decisions about how many desks you really need.
  • Verify meeting room booking attendances and resource usage.
  • Monitor external car park bookings and attendance.
  • Easily collate data on visitor bookings and non-employee attendance.

Armed with this data via our analytics dashboard, your businesses can make informed decisions about how to configure your office space for maximum efficiency and minimum cost. Whether you decide to downsize as a result or simply choose to adapt your workplace to best support your working methods, Cloudbooking is a great tool for any business focussed on space efficiency.

Cloudbooking can help government organisations make space efficiency decisions with flexible working

Embracing new ways of working with flexible, hybrid & agile workplace solutions

The ever-changing demands on government bodies means that more and more businesses are having to switch to a new flexible way of working. To help with this transition, many government organisations like yours are implementing agile workspace management software such as Cloudbooking.

Our system enables public-sector workers to fully embrace government flexible working and all the benefits it generates in the form of employee well-being, work/life balance and productivity.

Cloudbooking technology helps support the this digital transition this by bringing employees, facility management software and workspace scheduling together in a simple and efficient solution.

Cloudbooking desk booking mobile app

Digitising government and public service workplaces

Cloudbooking’s workplace management software empowers government organisations to digitise their physical workplaces and improve public outcomes by unifying people and real estate, so they continue delivering results that make a difference to us all.

Cloudbooking provides a simple and easy solution that can be made at the touch of a button from our mobile app. This facility management software provides government bodies with the ability to control everything in their working environment, from desk booking and meeting rooms to collaboration spaces. To help solve government flexible working challenges, the system provides insight and analysis through real live data and reporting features, enabling government organisations to successfully reach their objectives.

Low touch desk check-in with QR code technology

Cost-effective and easy to deploy, Cloudbooking’s QR code booking technology enables colleagues to use their mobile devices to book, check-in and out of desks and meeting rooms, reducing surface contact and supporting the phased return to work following COVID-19.

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Integrating with the apps you know and love

Market-leading SaaS solutions giving you performance and scalability to empower data and improve the workplace experience. Cloudbooking can connect to many of the world’s most popular apps, leveraging their capabilities to enhance employee experience and drive real estate value.

Deskbooking integration Microsoft 365
Desk booking integration google workplace

Discover how Cloudbooking delivered agile & flexible working for Plymouth City Council

Plymouth City Council

Cloudbooking is a polished solution that’s scalable. Support levels are excellent, and you build a good rapport with clients. I would recommend Cloudbooking to organisations facing similar challenges with ensuring the safe, socially distanced use of office space and looking for a solution which is flexible enough to be rapidly adopted by a diverse range of users.

John Hicks

Senior Business Analyst

We are the leading provider of workspace solutions for Government organisations…

Cloudbooking client Revenue Scotland
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Cloudbooking client Herefordshire Council Council
Cloudbooking client Reading Borough Council
Cloudbooking client Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council
Cloudbooking client Plymouth City Council
Cloudbooking flexible working client Torbay Council

Government flexible working FAQs

Cloudbooking’s innovative workspace management technologies can help support your government organisation and solve all workplace challenges. Find out how Cloudbooking can revolutionise your workplace.

Absolutely. Cloudbooking offers ongoing customisations and developments for all clients to help them fulfil their business requirements and workspace needs.

Yes. Cloudbooking technologies empower government organisations to connect with inter-departmental teams. Our software helps increase employee performance and productivity, enabling teams to deliver exceptional results.

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