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Smart office solutions

A smart office is a high-tech workplace that uses analytics and connected technology to help people work more efficiently and productively. The automation of smart technology involves the use of the Internet of Things (IoT). Integrating the IoT with the latest cloud-based software and hardware makes the digital workplace easier to navigate.

It’s time to move beyond the bland walls of the traditional, outdated office space. Turn the uninspiring into the inspirational, and give your employees the intelligent office space they deserve so that you can accelerate business performance.

Connect your workforce with your workplace with Cloudbooking smart office solutions

It’s time to work smarter, not harder, with Cloudbooking’s smart office solutions

Give your business the upgrade it needs and digitise your workplace with Cloudbooking’s smart technology and software.

Why your business needs a smart workplace…

Today’s employees want flexibility over where, when, and how they work. Digital transformation has rapidly transformed our ability to meet those expectations and has only been accelerated by global disruption. From employee wellbeing and engagement to gaining access to deeper, data-driven insights alongside automated work processes, the smart office is designed to respond to the needs of your team.

Employers want the flexibility to choose where they work. Give them what they want with smart office solutions.

Optimise your workplace with our smart office solutions and technology

Smarter offices make for smarter businesses. In a global economy, success is dependent on the ways you support your team. That means giving them the tools they need to succeed. When consumer technology is constantly advancing, your business needs to be more agile to keep up.


Smart Desk and Room Booking

Improve workplace utilisation and reduce no-shows with smart auto-curtail features.

Cloudbooking desk booking software includes QR code log in

QR Code Technology

Fast delivery and cost-effective digital signage make it easier for employees to engage with the space around them.


System Integrations

Easily connect your favorite tools and apps for a seamless user experience.


Workplace Analytics

Monitor your workplace occupancy and maximise space efficiency.


Mobile-First Technology

Book workspaces from any place at any time with the CB Mobile app and mobile wayfinding feature.


Safety, Security, and Risk Management

Secure sites and high-security locations with identity checks and access control technology.



Connect your workplace and external technologies to drive user experience and real estate value.


Sensor Technology

Cloudbooking has partnered with innovative VergeSense technology to deliver the best smart office experience.

How can Cloudbooking’s smart office solutions benefit your employees and your business?

Smart office solutions - Productivity and collaboration

Productivity and Collaboration

Cloudbooking’s smart technology facilitates communication between teams and departments through our integrated platforms and increases productivity and engagement amongst employees.

With Cloudbooking’s smart desk and room booking systems, your employees can work in flexible, agile, or hybrid environments, knowing they can book space as they need it. This can help reduce stress, worry, and reluctance to adopt these new ways of working.

smart office solutions - Employee health and wellbeing

Employee Health and Wellbeing

A smart office is more than just technology; it’s about people. A smart workplace understands the needs of individuals and is optimised for their use to increase their wellbeing and employee experience.

The Cloudbooking system safeguards employees’ health and safety in a post-pandemic landscape with our COVID-19 solutions. These features include visitor pre-registration access approvals with health screening and workplace analytics with desk check-in data and contact tracing functionality.

Smart office solutions - Security and safety

Security and Safety

Cloudbooking’s smart office software uses advanced technology to reduce security risks and increase employee safety. Our visitor management system allows visitors to schedule visitor pre-arrival safety checks, from health and safety controls to the production of photo ID badges. Our multi-level, approval-based visitor management solution guarantees no visitors access to restricted areas without prior authorisation.

Smart office solutions - Workplace analytics

Workplace Data Analytics

A successful smart office environment relies on data and analytics to provide insights into the use of different office spaces. Cloudbooking’s intelligent data and analytics platform allows for continuous monitoring and reporting as well as predictive analysis so that spaces can keep growing smarter with time.

Smart office solutions - Reducing your carbon footprint

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

A smart office supports a sustainable future. Make your office building more energy-efficient and reduce your carbon footprint with our smart technology automation software. Using our workplace data and analytics, businesses can regulate energy usages, such as lighting, air conditioning, and AV equipment and save costs on internal real estate by closing off floors or moving to smaller office sites to reduce energy consumption.

Easily integrate your workplace management tools to support your smart workplace

System integrations are extremely important when implementing a smart office environment. Discover our world-leading sensor and digital signage wayfinding integrations that make available space more visible and accessible for employees.

Integrate third-party applications, such as cloud-based authentication IDaaS, Active Directory, and Cost Codes, to improve cyber security. These applications also help save time with faster logins as well as reducing overhead costs associated with hidden fees and administration.

Cloudbooking’s workplace scheduling system enables full calendar integration with Microsoft Exchange, M365, Outlook, and Google Workspace, making it easy to manage all workplace bookings and connect teams.

Deskbooking integration Microsoft 365
Desk booking integration google workplace

Our leading integrations ensure an easy transition into hybrid working

The smart office can fully support a hybrid working environment, enabling businesses to bring the best of both worlds to their employees. Hybrid working leverages modern technology, allowing employees to work smarter and collaborate more effectively.

Show your desk and room booking where you want your employees to see them with Cloudbooking's smart office solutions

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