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Adopt hybrid working without the hassle. Empower employees to do their best work wherever they choose, with our seamless hybrid work software.

Cloudbooking enables easy workspace scheduling, facilitates collaboration and protects your workers’ health and wellbeing with our up-to-the-minute hybrid working solutions. Work with Cloudbooking to begin your journey towards the hybrid way of working today.

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Tools to make hybrid work, simple

One size does not fit all and workplace challanges change, which is why Cloudbooking’s customizable hybrid work software and tools will support your business, your people and your ever evolving workplace.

interactive 3D floor plan Icon

Building occupancy monitoring

Get more from your workplace and understand how your office is being used with occupancy monitoring.

return to work planning icon

Return to work planning

Ensure social distancing and a safe return to the office with adaptable seating plans and floor capacities.

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On-demand space booking

Increase efficiency and productivity with easy-to-use space and meeting-room booking.

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Where’s my team?

Create a more social and productive space with our interactive colleague finders.

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Employee and visitor health screening

Ensure your employee and visitor safety with health screening and pre-registration access approvals.

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Custom-build digital floorplans

Optimize the workplace to suit the needs of your employees with customizable floorplans.

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Contact tracing

Enhance your employee wellbeing
and safety with our effective contact-tracing functionality.

Contactless desk booking and check-in

Highly efficient and cost-effective digital signage option. Easy to deploy QR codes to book, check-in/out of desk spaces.

Choose your perfect workspace

Whether you choose to work from home or onsite, Cloudbooking’s advanced room and desk booking system makes it easy. Our workplace management system helps you easily adopt the hybrid workplace and digitalize your workplace experience. Easily book available desk space within your office through our user-centric software with interactive 3D floorplans, desk type configuration, and QR code check-in/out technology.

Cloudbooking hybrid work software - desk booking
Cloudbooking hybrid work software - meeting room booking

Facilitate on-site collaboration and creativity with flexible booking solutions

Maximize real estate usage with Cloudbooking’s fully integrated meeting room booking software and easily invite hybrid workers to onsite meetings through our streamlined software.

Cloudbooking offers a room booking system that integrates with all your supplementary services. Connect catering, visitors, video conferencing, and resource management teams to host effective meetings. Use accurate room usage data to help understand your hybrid workplace and embrace the future of collaboration.

Connecting your favourite calendars to power your workplace experience

Market-leading SaaS solutions giving you performance and scalability to empower data and improve the workplace experience. Cloudbooking can connect to many of the world’s most popular apps, leveraging their capabilities to enhance employee experience and drive real estate value.

Deskbooking integration Microsoft 365
Desk booking integration google workplace
Easy desk booking through Cloudbooking

Ensure the health and wellbeing of hybrid workers

Confidently welcome your hybrid workforce back into the office with Cloudbooking’s COVID-19 solutions. Combine your hybrid and return to work strategies to develop a workplace that can thrive in the changing world of business.

Prevent your hybrid workplace from becoming overcrowded and ensure colleagues can collaborate safely by implementing our COVID-safe workplace tools.

Make data-driven decisions about your hybrid workplace

Gain a complete understanding of how your hybrid workers use the office and what implementations can increase productivity thanks to Cloudbooking’s workplace analytics included within our hybrid work software.

Use real-time office data to optimize your hybrid workplace and moderate traffic.

Hybrid working is a relatively new concept and, therefore, actionable data will help you optimize your workspace and keep up with the changing demands of your workforce. Understand the future of work is changing and explore hybrid working practices.

Cloudbooking hybrid work software includes analytics and data reporting as standard.

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Registers of Scotland

The Cloudbooking team are very personable and it has been easy to build a strong working relationship with them. We’re really impressed by Cloudbooking’s hybrid work software and the fact we can tailor parts of it depending on our needs so that we can continue to build and evolve.

David McColgan

Service Delivery Manager

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