Innovative Workspace Management System for The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council








Matt Davis

“Cloudbooking have provided a solution to every challenge we have given them. Our staff love the new system and regularly ask when they can have it in their buildings. Simply put, it’s been a real game changer!”

MATTHEW DAVIS, Workstream Programme Manager, RBKC

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London Borough Council is one of the 32 local authorities of Greater London. It includes areas such as Notting Hill, Chelsea and Knightsbridge, and is one of the most densely populated boroughs in the United Kingdom.

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RBKC Desk & Meeting Room Management Case Study

The following case study describes how Cloudbooking’s champion desk and meeting room management system helped The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to optimize their real estate and improve workplace efficiency and productivity. Cloudbooking’s desk and meeting room booking solution increased available workspace, enabling RBKC to reduce real estate costs and use their workspace to its full potential.

Advanced Meeting Room & Desk Booking System for RBKC

Cloudbooking is now the approved supplier for The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council. Due to ongoing pressures caused by an increasing headcount, RBKC needed to better understand how their workspace was being used and who was using it.

Having invested in PIR based desk sensor technology, RBKC needed a sophisticated interface that could offer its employees a first-class user experience, allowing an automated check-in to desks without the need for a manual process. The solution also required NFC authentication to streamline and simplify meeting room check-in and out.

The council needed a solution that supported their workspace strategy of ‘Unconscious Effort’.  The strategy focused on employees moving around their workspace with minimal interaction required and a streamlined solution that evoked change without impacting the user.  After considerable industry research, RBKC chose Cloudbooking because of its ability to innovate, fast turnaround of new features, and most importantly, its easy to use services.


Desk & Meeting Room Booking Solution for RBKC

Cloudbooking provides RBKC with a range of services that enable employees to view live availability, search for colleagues,  and book desks and rooms either online, on their mobile, or at a kiosk.  Our CBScreen app has improved room utilization and increased availability by reducing no-shows and releasing desks and rooms back into circulation if not being utilized.  With our real-time digital displays outside each meeting room, employees can check availability instantly and book, start, extend, end, or amend bookings, directly on the tablets or online.

In partnership with KPIrag, Cloudbooking has also created a new desk check-in solution using passive RFID technology. An industry first, the solution allows users to book or check into a desk using an automatic RFID tag on their laptop, maximizing workspace productivity in a passive way that does not affect the user experience.  Cloudbooking data empowers the management team to track all aspects of their estate usage, including booking time utilized & money saved.

The Results of Cloudbooking’s Desk & Room Management

  • Cloudbooking has increased meeting room availability by 46% – equivalent to an additional 27 meeting spaces;
  • A 46% increase in available internal space equates to a £2m saving on external space that would otherwise have been required;
  • The council freed up 4,500 meeting room hours for the 8 room pilot alone, equating to 34,000 hours for the whole building;
  • The system has encouraged users to adopt, rather than adapt their behaviors or working methods. The approach was so successful that 475 users signed up to access an 8 room pilot.
  • Pre WorkWell, 83% of colleagues dissatisfied. Following 3-month pilot – 68% satisfied. An increased satisfaction swing of 148 points!

Project Rollout

Initial use case

  • An online booking solution for managing meeting room & desk bookings, and monitoring workplace utilization

Current Deployment

Current deployment 

  • Introduction of ‘Agile Working’, enabled through one booking solution for meeting rooms and desk bookings
  • Deployment of digital signage for meeting rooms
  • Multiple booking touchpoints via RFID, desktop, mobile, or digital signage


What’s next?

  • Roll out of Cloudbooking services across the remaining Kensington and Chelsea estate
  • RBKC and Cloudbooking are part of a unique partnership called ‘WorkWell’,  offering UK councils a strategic end to end solution, driving improved workspace utilization, employee experience, and tangible cost savings

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