A Safe and Secure Visitor Management System for EDF’s New Nuclear Construction Site




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“Cloudbooking provided an end-to-end service with a personal approach and a deep understanding of our specific requirements. They made the system simple to understand and simple to implement for us, it’s both user-friendly and visually appealing. A very successful and well-supported rollout.”

Melisa Samuels, Project Delivery Manager at EDF

EDF Energy is one of Britain’s leading energy providers at the forefront of low-carbon nuclear and renewable energy. Their latest nuclear development, Hinkley Point C, is the first new nuclear power station to be built in the UK in over 20 years and will provide low-carbon electricity for approximately 6 million homes.

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EDF Energy Visitor Management Case Study

The following case study showcases how Cloudooking’s leading visitor management system has increased safety and security at EDF’s new nuclear construction site, Hinkley Point C.

The Challenge for EDF Hinkley Point C

Cloudbooking is EDF’s approved supplier for visitor management technologies. After tender contract negotiations for the delivery of a digital visitor management solution, Cloudbooking proved our platform’s capability for efficiently managing high-volume visitor traffic, to secure locations.  Cloudbooking’s flexible approach to client-specific customization and ability to scale services quickly proved our success in the initial deployment of our software at EDF’s Corporate Solutions site.

Thanks to EDF’s rapid adaptation of the Cloudbooking platform and the tailored delivery approach of the Cloudbooking team, our visitor management system was implemented across a further three EDF sites including Hinkley Point C. Working with the custom workflows to manage the security and vetting requirements of the business, Cloudbooking software has helped to ensure EDF Energy was able to deliver a safe and secure visitor management process for its new nuclear construction site.

The Cloudbooking solution provides EDF Energy with the customized and advanced visitor management system required of highly secure worksites. Our software also supports the company’s systematic growth by offering flexibility for rapid expansion.

The Initial Problems

  • Challenges with previous visitor management system scalability.
  • Difficulty replicating the legacy system across various EDF sites.
  • A requirement for a single visitor management system that offers customization.
  • Operating issues with the legacy system.
  • A need for a simple and user-friendly workplace management platform.

The Impact of the Problems on EDF Energy

  • No flexibility for systematic expansion in line with the company’s growth.
  • Communication issues between various sites with regards to the visitor management procedure.
  • Increased frustration for employees due to the slow usability of the previous visitor management solution utilized by EDF.

The Results of the EDF Energy Visitor Management Solution

Cloudbooking delivered on this large project, implementing our easy-to-use, single-solution platform and giving EDF complete control over every aspect of the management of visitors to its secure sites.


  • An advanced multi-level and approval-based visitor management security platform that has the systematic capability to grow with the business and span across various sites.
  • A user-friendly platform, with a visually stimulating interface and no operational issues reported since launch.
  • A personal approach to the project, with custom demands always met where possible.
  • Strong and consistent support from project evolution to execution.

Project Rollout

Initial use case

  • A safe and secure visitor management system that can support company growth and rapid expansion

Current Deployment

Current deployment

  • The visitor-management system is being utilized across four sites.
  • CBCheck-in feature was rolled out across 17 devices.
  • Around 700 EDF  employees are active users of the platform.
  • Pre-pandemic, an average of 365 visitor bookings are made via the platform every week.
  • Live and accurate visitor-data analytics are used to ensure site security.


What’s next?

  • System evolution in terms of further elements of custom development to be implemented in line with company branding.
  • Easy communication within the system to be established across multiple sites.
  • Rollout of the visitor management system to additional sites across the group.

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