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Ross Hodges

“Cloudbooking has enabled us to become more of a team again and build stronger bonds, thus increasing employee satisfaction.”

Ross Hodges, Senior Technical Consultant at JLL

JLL real estate advisors is a financial and professional services firm specializing in real estate services and investment management.

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JLL Desk Booking System Case Study

This case study demonstrates how Cloudooking’s first-class desk management system helped real estate advisors and professionals, JLL, to maximize their real estate and improve workplace efficiency and productivity. Cloudbooking’s desk booking solution has facilitated a flexible and agile working environment for JLL, enabling employees to use the workspace to its full potential.

The Challenge for JLL Real Estate Advisors

Cloudbooking is now JLL‘s approved supplier of workspace management. Having moved an entire floor to another location, JLL was left with 50 empty desks, not utilized, at its Warwick Street office. Therefore, the company had the need to implement a live availability, flexible desk booking solution to deliver the agile vision it had for the group and its clients.

Due to the company’s continued success and growth worldwide, JLL also required a global solution that could be scaled up quickly to meet the needs of all locations across the business, and be user-friendly — requiring little or no training following deployment.

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The Hot-Desk Booking Solution for JLL

JLL looked at various booking systems available on the market to provide a desk booking platform showing live, real-time availability, with ease of use being of the highest importance. JLL chose Cloudbooking due to its ability to integrate with other products openly. The company also knew that it would receive the best and most current solution due to Cloudbooking’s willingness to improve its offering by listening to client feedback consistently. Desk booking systems enable users to locate a desk by location, workstation features, and colleague location.

This type of system also enables users to view live availability, using occupancy sensors and book desks through an interactive 3D floor plan, either on the web through CBPortal, onsite using CBKiosks placed on each floor, or on the move using the CBMobile via Android or iOS. Finally, CBAnalytics, Cloudbooking’s fully comprehensive reporting dashboard, has enabled JLL to track desk utilisation rates across its entire estate, with real-time data available in an instant.

The Results of Cloudbooking’s Desk Management System

  • Desk utilization has increased by at least 90%;
  • Occupancy Sensor Technology has improved workspace efficiency and increased productivity across the group;
  • A more agile working environment has been developed by encouraging desk sharing and collaborative working;
  • Little or no training is required to deploy the app and all developments.

The results from the JLL case study show that the implementation of the Cloudbooking workplace management system had been successful in improving office utilization and flexibility. These improvements have also led to several other business-related improvements.

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Project Rollout

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Initial use case

  • An online desk booking solution which can be accessed by home or office-based colleagues via desktop, mobile. and kiosk apps
  • Occupancy desk sensor technology that shows live availability via interactive 3D floor plans;
  • Active Directory Access.

Current Deployment

Next Phase

  • Working in partnership with JLL, Cloudbooking has developed CBFloor to enable users onsite to view live availability and place bookings via interactive 32” touch screen kiosks;
  • Additional sites have been added since the launch of the pilot in July 2017.


Final Phase

Cloudbooking will continue to expand its reach within JLL with the continued rollout of the Cloudbooking platform to offices in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).


A Return to Work Strategy Built around You

Reopen your office with confidence when you deploy Cloudbooking systems. If you’re interested in developing a return to work strategy built around your business needs, then book your no-obligation demo with one of our Cloudbookers today. We’ll talk you through how Cloudbooking can help you safely reopen your workplace.

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