Phased Return-to-Office Plan to Get Rakuten Back to Work and Facilitate a Hybrid Workplace Strategy

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“Cloudbooking is exactly what we needed, from project planning to delivery, it couldn’t have been easier. Absolutely brilliant on every level.”

Daryl English-Merrick, Office Manager at Rakuten Advertising

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The Return-to-Work Rakuten Advertising Case Study

The following Rakuten Advertising case study is a detailed breakdown of how Cloudooking’s state-of-the-art services were able to help Rakuten Advertising implement a successful return to work during COVID-19. The Rakuten desk booking system enabled employees to easily coordinate their agile working schedules with other staff members.

The Challenge

Cloudbooking is Rakuten Advertising’s approved supplier for desk management technologies. Our solutions allowed the technology giant to successfully implement a phased return-to-work plan, getting a portion of their employees back to the workplace and facilitating a hybrid system of remote working and in-office desk booking. Creating a COVID-secure plan for returning employees to the office was paramount for Rakuten Advertising to reduce both business and personal risks associated with office usage.

With many staff members struggling to work remotely due to distractions or lack of space, moving back to the workplace was a necessary step to ensure business operations remained optimised and efficient.

A clean interface and simple booking process was a valuable additional benefit of the Cloudbooking service, meaning that integrating the system into their daily business operations was a painless transition.


Learn more about the workplace management solutions at Cloudbooking with this Rakuten Advertising case study. Cloudbooking’s services, like our visitor management service, will help make your agile workplace run smoothly and safely.

The Initial Problem

  • There was a need for a phased, hybrid working solution to get employees safely back into the workplace and facilitate employees working from home who could no longer effectively carry out their work.
  • A solution for integrating COVID-safe procedures to ensure those who needed to return to the workplace could do so safely was required.
  • There was a requirement of an intuitive, user-friendly desk booking management system that adhered to maximum person limits due to governmental social distancing guidelines.
  • Rakuten Advertising didn’t have the ability to track office usage to allow for a COVID response plan to be deployed should infection be detected.
  • There was a need for accurate and unified reporting of compiled data from the offices around the world to the head office in Japan.

The Impact of the Problems on Rakuten Advertising

  • The productivity issues of those employees not able to effectively work from home began impacting employees’ wellbeing.
  • Without a planned return-to-work strategy, employees would not be able to return safely, leading to increased COVID fatigue and reduced employee morale for those unable to work from home effectively.
  • It was imperative to have a response plan ready in the event of infection detection within the workplace, making trackable desk bookings and employee movement a priority.
  • It was difficult for Rakuten Advertising to implement COVID guidelines for a safe workplace.
  • Reporting office utilisation to the head office took time to compile due to the manually intensive process.

The Results of the Rakuten Desk Booking System

  • Cloudbooking’s desk booking software was swiftly deployed within weeks and seamlessly rolled out to all employees.
  • Our desk booking and management solutions were implemented throughout offices in London, Brighton, Paris and Sydney.
  • Cloudbooking’s user-friendly desk management solutions with live availability data enabled individual employees to book a preferred space to fit their needs.
  • Rakuten Advertising offered a safe work environment to the employees who needed it and implemented a COVID-19 response plan to ensure a timely and appropriate approach to any potential risks.

Project Rollout


Initial Use Case

  • A COVID-19 workplace management solution to enable a safe return to the workplace

Current Deployment

Current deployment

  • Desk Management
  • Analytics & Data Insights
  • CBMobile
  • COVID-secure solutions
  • 3D modeled digital floorplans 


What’s next?

  • Extend current desk space booking to full offices, in line with COVID-19 restriction easing and the continued rollout of Rakuten Advertising’s workplace management strategy
  • Deployment of meeting room booking services into Rakuten Advertising’s Phase Two delivery
  • Desk management rollouts to additional offices in Barcelona, Berlin and Brazil
  • Ongoing customised development of Cloudbooking’s current booking software, delivering additional business requirements in line with Rakuten Advertising’s future desk and meeting room booking needs

A return-to-work strategy built around you

Reopen your office with confidence when you deploy Cloudbooking systems. If you’re interested in developing a return-to-office plan built around your business needs, then book your no-obligation demo with one of our Cloudbookers today. We’ll talk you through how Cloudbooking can help you safely reopen your workplace.