Cloudbooking Unleashes New Microservices Platform and Key Service Integrations

Cloudbooking is thrilled to announce its new game-changing cloud-native, microservices-based platform complete with next-gen Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace integrations. Built to scale at ease and with speed as the workplace innovator continues to support its growing roster of clients by tackling ever more complex workplace challenges impacting the world of work.

As businesses strive to deliver workplaces that ignite collaboration, creativity, and human connection, it is also giving companies across the globe a golden opportunity to build strategic resilience for the future.

By leveraging industry-leading technology and real-time workplace data, Cloudbooking is on a mission to revolutionise workplace real estate and ease change management challenges, whilst delivering superior user experiences, enhancing productivity and improving workspace efficiency.

Commenting on this first wave of exciting new releases, Cloudbooking’s CEO, Gerry Brennan, said: “I am really pleased that we are taking this incredible leap forward. What the team have achieved here is simply outstanding. Following two years of sustained development work, I am delighted to not only launch our new microservices architected platform, with collaboration spaces and hybrid working at its core, but also overcome the challenges around calendar integration for both Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace. This is a major achievement and will set the standard for integrated services and super fast, enterprise wide, deployment. At Cloudbooking we love to challenge the status quo and always aim to be at the forefront of progressive change, and with this project we’ve done just that.”

“This is the perfect solution for those organisations reimagining their offices, and we are passionate about helping our clients realise new possibilities with our pioneering new microservices offering. We look forward to helping our clients achieve a more empowered and efficient workplace, where collaboration and hybrid working will become increasingly important. Where work is easy, people achieve more, and companies can thrive with newfound agility; a truly liberated workspace with Cloudbooking’s world-leading integrated workplace management technology.”

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