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Russell Stephens

“It’s such a straightforward and simple solution to use, the best thing anyone can do is just trial it like we did. From that, they’ll understand and appreciate just how great it is”

RUSSELL STEPHENS, IT Infrastructure Manager, Hitachi Rail Europe

Hitachi Rail Europe Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd and is a total railway system supplier offering rolling stock, traction equipment, signaling, traffic management systems, and maintenance centers.

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Hitachi Room & Visitor Management Case Study

This case study showcases how Cloudooking’s top-class meeting room and visitor management system helped railway system supplier, Hitachi, to optimize their workspace, increase workplace efficiency, and control visitor flow. Cloudbooking’s workplace management solution has created a flexible and agile working environment, increasing workplace productivity and efficiency.

Workplace Challenges Faced by Hitachi

Hitachi came to Cloudbooking with a defined list of requirements for what they wanted in a booking system. They were looking for a solution that could manage its room booking and visitor management requirements, without the need for proprietary hardware, as well as being user-friendly and requiring little or no training following deployment.

Hitachi needed to solve two problems: first of all, the lack of flexibility offered when booking meetings via Exchange, which in turn caused the second problem, which was that the reception team faced an increased workload with booking requests because of that lack of booking flexibility.

Hitachi Rail

Meeting Room & Visitor Management Solution

Hitachi Rail Europe chose Cloudbooking due to its ability to openly integrate with its onsite Android tablets, system ease of use, and our willingness to continually improve our service offering.  Now, the Cloudbooking system allows Hitachi to view live availability, book meeting rooms, and inform their attendees, either from the CBPortal, Microsoft Outlook calendar, on the move using our mobile booking app via Android or iOS or at the door. Our digital signage booking app, CBScreen, has improved room utilization and increased availability by reducing no-shows. With our real-time digital signage app displayed outside each meeting room, bookers can view availability instantly with our red, amber, and green status coloring. Book, start, extend, end, or amend bookings directly through each room booking screen.

To ease the burden on the reception team, we’ve also made it easier for colleagues to manage visitors more efficiently by enabling pre-registration. Colleagues can now add visitors and attendees to their meetings before arrival.  Reception can now swiftly check-in guests who have been pre-registered on our custom build visitor management tool, CBReception.

To continually support Hitachi’s Workspace Management strategy,  additional Cloudbooking services have been rolled out to current and new sites in 2018/2019; these include:

Cloudbooking’s Workplace Management Results

  • Staff have embraced their new agile working environment
  • Booking clashes have been reduced to 0 and meeting room no-shows dramatically reduced
  • The utilisation of Android tablets already onsite using an API  link reduced project costs
  • Deployed easily with no impact on internal IT teams
  • Due to the success of the service, a range of Cloudbooking’s solutions will be deployed to further  factories and larger depots around the world

Project Rollout

Initial Use Case

Initial use case

  • An online booking solution for managing meeting rooms and visitors
  • Utilize booking tablets already located onsite with an API link

Current Deployment

Continued expansion

  • Additional site rollout to Newton Aycliffe – Sept 2018
  • Deployment of digital signage booking tablet’s to all sites, replacing all old hardware
  • Introductions of new services such as Desk Booking and Car Park Management
  • Additional site rollout to Doncaster – May 2019
  • Additional sites to be rolled out in 2020/2021


Future Expansion

  • Additional deployment of digital signage booking tablets to multiple locations
  • Explore requirement of the deployment of the Cloudbooking system in multiple languages such as Italian and Japanese
  • Hitachi will continue to optimize rooms, desks, parking spaces, and assets using data provided by Cloudbooking analytics

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