Webinar: Revolutionising Real Estate – Unveiling the Workplace Strategies of Financial Services Powerhouse, Experian

This webinar series will showcase the transformational efforts of the worlds leading brands when it comes to real estate. These conversations will evoke a sense of innovation, expertise, and the potential for significant change.

Join us for an insightful webinar series that showcases the transformative efforts of the world’s leading brands in real estate management. This webinar series is specifically designed for large enterprise clients who possess extensive real estate portfolios across the globe and are seeking innovative solutions to streamline their operations.

Through engaging conversations, we’ll explore the key drivers behind ongoing real estate transformation programs. Cloudbooking clients will share their first-hand experiences and insights, shedding light on the strategies employed to drive significant change within their organisations.

In episode one, we’ll address critical questions related to Experian’s real estate transformation project, discuss the challenges faced when aligning processes around their people, and elaborate on the importance of maintaining flexibility in long-term programs to adapt to rapidly changing market needs.

Join Cloudbooking’s CEO, Gerry Brennan, and guest speaker Zaid Furreedan, Group Director of Real Estate & Workplace for Experian, as they jump into the workplace strategies that are delivering on real estate consolidation and cost efficiencies, carbon efficiency and workplace flexibility and empowerment for Experian.

Here’s what you can expect in this exclusive Cloudbooking webinar:

  • Learn from Experian’s journey towards becoming a carbon-neutral company and the impressive commercial outcomes achieved through substantial reductions in their real estate portfolio.
  • Discover the purpose and utilisation of Experian’s office spaces, including insights on increased building occupancy despite a reduction in the number of desks.
  • Understand the changing dynamics of office usage and the importance of collaboration, innovation, and a sense of purpose in today’s corporate landscape.
  • Gain valuable advice for embarking on your own transformation projects, including setting clear aims and objectives and effectively measuring intangible factors such as connection, belonging, and employee experience.
  • Explore the evolving responsibilities of large enterprise companies in the financial services sector, and the new obligations towards employees and corporate culture.
  • Learn about the impact of partnerships with companies like Cloudbooking in addressing the challenges of real estate management and overcoming complexities in the process.

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