Going hybrid: The future of workplace transformation in the public sector

The future of the workplace is hybrid — that’s if employees have their way.

An October 2021 survey by Microsoft and YouGov shows that over half (51%) of UK workers would consider quitting their jobs if hybrid working — a setup where employees split time between the office and remote working — was axed. 

It’s clear that public sector organisations need to take this shift seriously or risk alienating half their workforce. So, how can you make hybrid working a success? 

According to Ann Thorp, Service Manager at Plymouth City Council, the shift to hybrid working won’t happen organically or by chance.

In this latest addition to our workplace transformation series, we explore Plymouth City Council’s hybrid working journey and gain insights into implementing a hybrid work environment successfully. 

What you’ll learn in this exclusive Cloudbooking video: 

  • The role of facilities management (FM) in workplace transformation 
  • Potential challenges to overcome when implementing hybrid working in the public sector
  • How HR and FM can work together to champion the delivery of flexible working
  • Ideas for diversifying the use of alternative real-estate 
  • The cultural shifts required for a team to truly adopt hybrid working.

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