Cloudbooking Launches Contactless Facilities Management Solution

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Cloudbooking has launched a new real-time contactless desk and room booking check-in service using Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology This is a first in facilities management industry.

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Cloudbooking launches first Contactless desk and room booking check-in

London, UK – March 1, 2018. Cloudbooking has launched a new contactless desk and room booking check-in service using Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology  This is a first in the facilities management industry.

The new solution lets users book a desk or room by simply placing their laptop down on the desk they want, or tapping their card on a booking kiosk. This provides real-time data on usage and occupancy.  Therefore helping users to make better use from their desks and rooms which will help improve efficiency. 

The desk booking solution is deployed through passive RFID stickers. Stickers are placed on a user’s laptop, meaning colleagues can turn up at a desk, sit down and start working.  A sensor will detect their laptop, check them in, and book the desk for the day. If the colleague leaves before the day is up, the desk will be held for two hours. Following that time, the desk will be released back onto the booking system.

Bookers can also use their smartcard to book a desk or room. Our desk booking kiosks which feature colleague search, smart card authentication and 3D floorplan’s. Kiosks can be positioned as you enter each floor.  Bookers can then tap their card on the screen, select a desk, sit down and start working.  

Desk & room booking made easy

This contactless desk and room booking check-in service means that users no longer have to pre-book a desk or room.  In the event of a pre-booked no-show, the system will release that desk and make it available for others to book.

Conrad Jagger, CIO at Cloudbooking, says: “This is a first for Cloudbooking, no one else is using RFID in this way.  We’re proud to be leading the charge! For the booker, it’s easy and hands-free. They simply sit down at a desk and start working. For the customer, the utilisation of that desk or room is improved. We will monitor the usage in real-time and can check a user out of any desk or room if there hasn’t been any activity for a period of time. Traditionally, facilities managers have been reliant on users checking themselves out of a room or desk. So many people forget to do this when they leave. We have now taken this burden away and made it easier for companies to manage their space.” 

Making work life easier

We’re always striving to deliver smart and flexible solutions that will make life for our community of users easier. We’ve  listened  to what our customers want and need,” he adds.   

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