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London 27th January 2022- Cloudbooking is honored to be featured and ranked 186th in the Tussell Tech200.

The Tussell Tech200 identifies the top 200 fastest growing technology firms in the public sector with their market intelligence platform. Additionally, the percentage of growth in public spend for these firms are calculated between FY 2019/20 and FY 2020/21 to reveal total growth. The list is an unbiased analysis of fast-growing tech companies which are completely uninfluenced by sponsors or individual organizational interests.

Cloudbooking’s workspace management software revolutionizes workplaces by connecting people and buildings to maximize on efficiency and productivity. The range of services and products provided by Cloudbooking include their leading desk booking and meeting room booking systems followed by visitor management and car park management. Cloudbooking also offers exclusive workplace solutions for organizations, such as COVID-19 solutions, which aim to increase health and well-being in the office, helping employees to return to work safely.

Cloudbooking was founded by CEO Gerry Brennan over 20 years ago and since then, the company has quickly developed into a leading global workspace management company. In recent years, the company has witnessed unparalleled growth. This is reflected in the company’s growth statistics with 2.5 million bookings being processed each year and 1 million Cloudbooking users worldwide in more than 70 countries. The team at Cloudbooking is also growing substantially, with now more than 65 Cloudbooking employees worldwide.

Gerry Brennan reflected on Cloudbooking being recognized in the Tussell Tech200, announcing, “We’re thrilled to be ranked in the Tussell Tech200. The pandemic has further compounded pre-existing workplace challenges, and Cloudbooking has focused on supporting clients through this time of uncertainty by helping to deliver flexible, hybrid workplaces. Whether it’s managing a safe return to the workplace, consolidating real estate due to new ways of working or improving employee experience, we look forward to supporting more public sector clients through this time in 2022”.


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