Cloudbooking Takes Workplace Efficiency Market by Storm

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Cloudbooking enjoys huge success throughout 2018, with top-line growth of 200%, with projections to double in size again over 2019. Worldwide expansion has been instrumental to Cloudbooking nearly doubling its customer base during 2018, welcoming household names including Microsoft and Viacom from sectors as diverse as defence, media, healthcare and advanced engineering.

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London: 31 January 2019 – Cloudbooking, the leader in workplace efficiency solutions, today announced top-line growth of 200% over 2018 with projections to double in size again over 2019. Global expansion has been instrumental to Cloudbooking nearly doubling its customer base during 2018, welcoming household names including Microsoft and Viacom from sectors as diverse as defence, media, healthcare and advanced engineering.

The company’s growth reflects increasing demand from modern businesses to streamline their office environment and provide an intuitive flexible working infrastructure. Cloudbooking’s visitor managementhotdesking and meeting room booking solutions minimise physical interaction with technology, allowing employees to adopt solutions into their existing routines rather than adapting their working practices to suit the systems. RFID sensors communicate with specialised software to check employees in and out of spaces they can book from anywhere in the world.

Employee adoption is a critical component of success. People don’t care about how expensive or flash the technology is – they just expect it to make it easier for them to focus on their job.” explained Gerry Brennan, CEO at Cloudbooking. “Our growth is fuelled by technology that delivers measurable improvements in workplace efficiency without bothering our users, removing little interruptions and frustrations from the everyday. We talk to our customers on a daily basis, tweaking services to make them work for the employee rather than forcing them to change the way they work to suit the system.

Supporting the customer growth is Cloudbooking’s UK-based development team that responds rapidly to functionality and product development requests. A team that has tripled in size over the last twelve months continues to provide industry-leading customer support from the Scottish Highlands to the South of France.

Our relationship with customers is a crucial part of success as we continue to steal market share from our competitors and gives us the insight and experience to shape the market to the demands of our customers. Looking ahead, Cloudbooking’s technology has the potential to act as a digital PA for employees, automating everything from traffic-dodging on your commute to booking the desk next to the office coffee machine. We will work in partnership with our customers to support them throughout that journey, while transforming the employee workplace experience in the here and now.”

Continued global expansion is a key part of Cloudbooking’s plan for 2019. Customers are organically expanding their use of Cloudbooking into different continents, particularly the US and to support and accelerate this Cloudbooking has opened an office in New York and is recruiting team members and partners to fulfil demand and provide local support.

About Cloudbooking

Cloudbooking is the UK’s fastest growing workplace efficiency supplier, with hundreds of thousands of bookers worldwide, across some of the world’s largest companies, including Lloyds Banking Group, Shop Direct, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council, Experian, Airbus and Ogilvy. Cloudbooking provides a seamless booking solution that is agile, intuitive, intelligent and proactive; enabling people to work more effectively and businesses to use their workspace more efficiently. Cloudbooking helps organisations manage rooms, desks, visitors, hospitality, pool cars, resources and more; all from one simple, sophisticated and easy to use solution.

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