Cloudbooking Welcomes New Non-Executive Director

Alastair Campbell, the new non executive director

Cloudbooking welcomes new non-executive director

Cloudbooking has appointed Alastair Campbell as a new Non-Executive Director to help support the workplace efficiency company’s strategy for continued growth.

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Cloudbooking welcomes a new Non-Executive Director to the board

London, 25th November 2020: Cloudbooking has appointed Alastair Campbell as a new Non-Executive Director to help support the workplace efficiency company’s strategy for continued growth.

In an industry experiencing explosive growth due to the ongoing global pandemic, Cloudbooking has quickly emerged as a leading supplier in the workplace management sector due to its continuous product innovation, customer care ethos, and the rapid deployment of its COVID Secure solutions.

Cloudbooking is already working with many global clients such as Fiserv, Anglo American, Experian, and EDF Energy and is helping to deliver superior user experiences, boost real estate efficiencies, and empower hybrid workplace strategies in a post-COVID-19 world.

Alastair brings over 20 years of experience leading digital, rapid-growth businesses, with a love of disrupting traditional markets by developing simpler business models, including Company Check and Carsnip.

Commenting on the appointment, Alastair said: “I’ve known Gerry for many years, and I’m pleased to see the growth Cloudbooking has achieved. Following its recent funding round, Cloudbooking will focus on growth and innovation, and I look forward to supporting the company and the CEO wherever I can. Cloudbooking has a great team and everything in place for superb growth.”

Gerry Brennan, CEO of Cloudbooking, said: “We are delighted to have Alastair join Cloudbooking; his input will be critical in developing the strategy for the business in the coming months and years. As awful as the pandemic has been, there will be a genuine change in the way people work as a result of this and we want Cloudbooking to be at the forefront of that change. The western world has engaged in the largest ‘Work from Home’ experiment in history, and the success of that experiment means that the way we work will change forever. Property strategy in large organizations is now focused on a shift to agile, with a mix between working from the office and from other locations, including the home. We must have the right team in place as we grow to meet client demand and help companies adapt their workplace in response to these changes, and Alastair’s’ experience and knowledge will be invaluable.”

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