Cloudbooking Introduces New Workplace Solution Bundles for Micro and Small-Sized Businesses

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London, 29th May 2024 — Cloudbooking, a leading workplace management provider, is excited to introduce new pricing bundles for micro and small-sized businesses (MSBs). These bundles help MSBs efficiently manage workplace needs and assets, boosting operational effectiveness and productivity.

As businesses navigate the evolving landscape of workplace dynamics, the pressure on organisations to effectively manage workspace bookings, asset tracking, and facility management has never been higher. Cloudbooking’s comprehensive solution addresses these challenges, offering a range of features including space planning, workspace bookings, asset tracking, and more.

Due to increasing demand, Cloudbooking’s new bundles offering cater to the unique requirements of micro and small-sized businesses, providing scalable solutions that adapt to the growing needs of the business. With a user-friendly interface and streamlined implementation process, the platform ensures quick results without the need for dedicated staff to operate it. MSBs can leverage Cloudbooking’s tools to optimise their work environments, enhance productivity, and make informed real estate and office planning decisions.

“Micro and small businesses play a crucial role in today’s economy, and we recognise the challenges they face in managing their workplace and assets effectively,” said Gerry Brennan, CEO of Cloudbooking. “Our new bundles offerings are designed to provide MSBs with the tools they need to streamline their operations, maximise productivity, and drive business growth, all at an affordable cost.”

Key features of Cloudbooking’s new pricing bundles include:

  • Effortlessly manage desks, rooms, and parking spaces with our mobile and web platforms, providing seamless access and flexibility in their workspace.
  • Customise your workspace with interactive 3D floorplans and neighbourhood mapping, empowering employees to navigate their surroundings with ease and efficiency.
  • Coordinate office optimisation with ease, minimising disruption to daily operations and ensuring a smooth transition to new workspace configurations.
  • Harness the power of analytics tools to maximise real estate efficiency, gaining valuable insights into workspace utilisation and optimising space allocation to meet evolving business needs.

Cloudbooking is committed to supporting MSBs in achieving their business objectives by providing innovative workplace management solutions.

Discover more about Cloudbooking’s through the insights of real users on our G2 page!


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