Cloudbooking Earns Top Performer Recognition in the Summer 2023 Desk Booking Software Customer Success Report

Top Performer 2023

London, September 13, 2023: Cloudbooking is proud to announce that it has been recognised as a Top Performer in the Desk Booking Software category for the Summer 2023 Customer Success Report, presented by FeaturedCustomers. FeaturedCustomers stands as the premier customer success content marketing platform for B2B business software and services, providing valuable insights to empower B2B buyers in making informed decisions through verified customer success content such as testimonials, success stories, case studies, and customer videos.

FeaturedCustomers conducted a comprehensive evaluation of all potential Desk Booking Software companies listed on its platform for possible inclusion in the report. Among numerous contenders, only 14 companies met the stringent criteria required for their inclusion in the prestigious Summer 2023 Desk Booking Software Customer Success Report. Cloudbooking was honoured with the Top Performer award in this highly competitive category.

The Customer Success Report draws its strength from the curation of authenticated case studies, testimonials, and videos collected from various online sources. These authentic customer experiences weave a comprehensive narrative about vendors in the Desk Booking Software space. Rankings are meticulously determined, taking into account factors such as the total volume of customer success content, social media and market presence, vendor momentum derived from web traffic and search trends, and additional data gathered from online sources and media outlets.

The designation of Top Performer is reserved for vendors with significant market presence and substantial customer success content to substantiate their vision. While Top Performers’ products are highly rated by their customers, they may not have attained the customer base and scale of a Market Leader. Cloudbooking, distinguished by its consistently high ratings from satisfied customers, consistently produces top-quality vendor-generated customer success content and curate’s valuable customer references from various third-party sources.

For access to the full report and to explore Cloudbooking’s profile, please visit:

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