Is Flexible Working the Answer to the UK Housing Crisis?

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Why we believe flexible working could be the answer to the UK’s housing crisis.

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Is flexible working the answer to the UK’s housing crisis?

Regular followers of Cloudbooking know that we are big advocates of flexible working. There are so many reasons to do it and it seems another one has just re-affirmed our thinking.

A new report from techUK and Citrix claims that the UK’s housing crisis is exacerbated by the majority of workers (59%) operating on the basis that there is greater potential for securing employment by living and working in large cities.

Its paper, The Housing Crisis: a Digital Solution is based on data from YouGov research into the expectations of 1,243 UK knowledge workers with the potential to enjoy remote working.

However, the report claims that the burden that location-dependent workplaces in large cities could be significantly reduced by allowing workers to work remotely. 54% of British workers stated they would consider relocating to a rural area if they could still perform their role to the same level. The report continues by adding connectivity, transport and corporate culture as challenges to achieving this. Especially when 48% of rural premises don’t have access to high-speed broadband internet.

A new way of thinking

It’s all food for thought as our heavily populated island continues to grow despite the gridlock in our cities. As we’ve said before, the technology is here so, it’s all achievable.  We just need business to think outside the traditional way of working. For instance, the team at Cloudbooking all work remotely.  We have staff based up in the Highlands of Scotland right down to the capital, London.

We work with some of the biggest brands in the world.  Helping them make better use of their space with cutting-edge technology solutions. We are proof that the old model of housing people in an office in the city for 40 hours a week isn’t necessary anymore.

We at Cloudbooking have predicted a future where the working population will be more evenly spread out. It may take time, but many forward-thinking companies will realise that this is where the future lies.

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