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John Hicks

“Cloudbooking is a polished solution that’s scalable. Support levels are excellent, and you build good rapport with clients. I would recommend Cloudbooking to organizations facing similar challenges with ensuring the safe, socially distanced use of office space and looking for a solution which is flexible enough to be rapidly adopted by a diverse range of users.”

JOHN HICKS, Senior Business Analyst, Plymouth City Council

Plymouth City Council is the local authority for Plymouth, Devon. The council provides services and information to the 262,700 residents as well as businesses and visitors.

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Plymouth City Council Desk Management Case Study

The following case study describes how Cloudooking’s impressive desk management system helped Plymouth City Council to develop a successful return to work strategy during COVID-19. Cloudbooking’s desk management solution facilitated a COVID safe and flexible working environment for employees and increased workplace efficiency.

Desk Management Solutions for Plymouth City Council

Cloudbooking is now the approved supplier for Plymouth City Council providing one central, easy-to-use, digital desk reservation system enabling the safe management of desks, occupancy capacities, and employee wellbeing.

Plymouth City Council buildings are now COVID secure as they plan their return-to-work strategy. Plymouth City Council is also undergoing an exciting digital transformation program that will radically change how they manage their internal real estate.

During the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, Plymouth City CouncilDelt Shared Services Limited, and Cloudbooking will work together to help Plymouth City Council deliver hybrid ways of working as the workplace landscape continues to evolve. This desk booking case study looks at how the early implementation of Cloudbooking solutions will develop these hybrid workplace solutions.

Plymouth City Council

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The Initial Problems at Plymouth City Council

  • It was imperative that workspace capacities were not exceeded at any given time.
  • There was no reporting visibility of who was in the building and using particular desks, reducing contact tracing capabilities, increasing employee and business risk.
  • Regular workspace utilization reports received yet no centralized system or data sets available to challenge occupancy findings.
  • The need for a simple, user-friendly out of the box solution that could be deployed quickly.
  • Resistance to change from some user and stakeholder groups due to the lack of understanding at how important it was to implement a workspace management system, to enable a safe return to the workplace.

The Impact of the Problems on Plymouth City Council Employees and Workspaces

  • Poor workspace usage data in order to provide a safe working environment for colleagues onsite.
  • No data on which to challenge workplace behaviors and improve workplace design and occupancy strategy.
  • Lack of workspace transparency, specifically on who was using the space and when, for contact tracing purposes.
  • Booking processes were significantly impacting productivity for administrative teams.

The Results of Cloudbooking’s COVID Safe Desk Management Solutions

  • Cloudbooking deployed hot desk booking software, QR Codes, and SSO (via mobile booking app and web) across three locations within five weeks.
  • Empowering flexible working by offering employees the ability to pre-book their own spaces before arriving onsite, ensuring they always have a space to work, and social distancing measures are adhered to.
  • Plymouth City Council was able to provide a COVID secure workplace environment for its workforce.
  • Unsubstantiated reporting received about the utilization of the workspace can now be challenged with in house data.
  • Staff have quickly adopted this new way of working as multiple booking touchpoints cater to staff at different comfort levels with technology.
  • Cloudbooking provided a single solution for COVID safe workspace management:
    • Hot Desk Management.
    • SSO For Mobile And Web.
    • QR Code Desk Booking.
    • Deployment of COVID Secure Solutions.
    • Real Estate Utilization Data and Insights To Measure True Occupancy Rates.

Project Rollout

Initial Use Case

Initial Use Case

A COVID secure workplace environment for its workforce.

Current Deployment

Current Deployment

The Cloudbooking solution now provides Plymouth City Council with one central, easy to use, digital desk management system that enables the safe management of desks, occupancy capacities, and employee well-being.

  • Desk Management.
  • SSO For Mobile And Web.
  • CB Mobile Booking App.
  • QR Code Desk Booking.
  • Deployment of COVID Secure Solutions.
  • Real Estate Utilization Data and Insights To Measure True Occupancy Rates.


What’s Next?

  • Deployment of the Cloudbooking visitor management system to safely and efficiently welcome external visitors and colleagues onsite.
  • Desk management rollouts to additional sites.
  • Meeting room booking system rollout to all Plymouth City Council’s estate.
  • By empowering data gathered to inform strategic real estate decisions, Cloudbooking service evolution can support changing ways of working and assist Plymouth City Council with their workspace consolidation ambitions.
  • Continue to support Plymouth City Council as they continue to roll out their new remote working strategy.
  • Service evolution to support changing ways of working, by empowering data gathered to inform strategic real estate decisions in order to assist Plymouth City Council with their workspace consolidation ambitions.

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