What do employees really think about the Hybrid Workplace?

The pandemic’s impact on UK and USA office workers

The pandemic’s impact on our working lives has changed our attitudes around how and where we work forever. The hybrid workplace model incorporates office time and remote working with further access to co-working and public spaces. It has become the workplace strategy on everyone’s lips and is empowering businesses and people worldwide to thrive in this COVID-19 world.

Cloudbooking explores the hybrid workplace model and how employees are adapting to these changes to their day-to-day work lives.

Learn more about hybrid working and discover Cloudbooking’s hybrid working solutions for your business. 

What do office workers in the USA and UK want from a hybrid workplace?

What exactly is “Hybrid Working”, and what do employees really want from a hybrid workplace? Together with YouGov, we questioned over 2000 employees from the US and UK on everything from the return to work, wellbeing, and remote-working pressures.

Join Cloudbooking’s CEO, Gerry Brennan, and guest speakers, Nellie Hayat, Head of Workplace Transformation for VergeSense, and David Willett, Head of Digital Workplace Strategy for Cushman & Wakefield, and Colette Temmink, Board of Directors IFMA and Chief Strategy & Product Officer at Blue Skyre, IBE (BSI).

The speakers will take a deep dive into research findings and offer ideas, insights, and recommendations on how organizations can respond and deliver their own version of a hybrid workplace.

How Cloudbooking can help with hybrid working

Adopting Cloudbooking’s innovative workspace management software is one of the easiest ways to successfully create a hybrid-working environment. Cloud-based workplace management systems are the best option for supporting hybrid workers. Cloudbooking software offers several convenient features enabling employees to book their desks, meeting rooms, and parking spaces in advance. Our software can even help look after employee health and wellbeing with COVID-19 solutions and visitor management technology.

Cloudbooking seamlessly benefits both employees and employers alike. Our software allows hybrid employers to organize and optimize the office space or working environment with live insights and data on productivity. These insights let businesses optimize their hybrid-working practices.

Find out how Cloudbooking can help your business with our hybrid working solutions by contacting our team for a no-obligation product demo.

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David Willet

Head of Digital Workplace Strategy
Cushman & Wakefield


Gerry Brennan

Founder and CEO


Nellie Hayat

Head of Workplace Transformation


Colette Temmink

Board of Directors IFMA
Chief Strategy & Product Officer at Blue Skyre, IBE (BSI)