Revolutionary Workspace Management Solution for The Very Group

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Vanessa Darcy

“We at facilities want to be able to deliver to our people and ultimately we are here to do it in an agile and digital way, and this tool allows us to do just that. It’s a company that’s investing in its future!”

VANESSA D’ARCY, Facilities Manager Head Office, The Very Group

The Very Group was established in November 2005 as a result of the merge between the former Littlewoods and Shop Direct companies. The Very Group is the UK’s largest integrated digital retailer and financial services provider, and they’ve been helping customers say yes for over 100 years.

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The Very Group Desk, Room & Visitor Management Case Study

The following case study showcases how Cloudooking’s champion services helped The Very Group to implement a successful return to work during COVID-19. Cloudbooking’s workplace management solution facilitated a flexible working environment and improved efficiency and productivity.

Workplace Challenges Faced by The Very Group

The Very Group, the UK’s largest digital retailer and financial services provider, signed up with Cloudbooking in July 2017 having outgrown the functionality offered by its previous supplier.

As one of the leading online digital retailers, the company felt that it needed a booking solution to match and wanted a solution that could combine both room booking and visitor management through one easy-to-use platform, which offered an improved user interface and a superior user experience for their tech-savvy workers, with an easy to use app that required little or no training.

Cloudbooking now helps more than 6,000 staff at The Very Group to work in an agile way, in offices in London, Liverpool, Bolton, Manchester, and Dublin.

The Very Group

The Cloud-Based Solution Implemented for The Very Group

The Very Group looked at various booking systems available on the market but found that only Cloudbooking could deliver the functionality that it needed to achieve its goal of implementing an innovative new SaaS solution.  The Cloudbooking app allows the digital management of rooms, desks, video conferencing, hospitality and resources, which are then centrally managed by dedicated booking teams.

Desk booking enables users to view live availability, search for colleagues and book desks using interactive 3D floor plans,  either online or on their mobile using our free app. Visitors can also be managed more efficiently through pre-registration using our room booking app or swiftly at reception using our intelligent and interactive Reception tool.  CBAnalytics is a fully comprehensive reporting dashboard that enables The Very Group to track all aspects of their estate with real-time data available instantly.

The Results of Cloudbooking’s Workspace Management Solution for The Very Group

  • 384 colleagues logged on and placed bookings on day 1
  • Improved workspace efficiency and increased productivity across the group
  • Introduced a more flexible working environment, whilst improving employee experience
  • Lowered the lead time for booking meeting rooms from 3 weeks to just 1 day
  • The app and all developments have been deployed with little or no training required
  • Valuable MI has shown The Very Group how we can help it to make improvements in other areas of the business
  • Created a more collaborative and agile working environment

Project Rollout

Initial Use Case

  • A complete booking solution for meeting rooms, desks, VC, hospitality, resources, pool bikes and visitor management across the entire UK estate
  • Multiple booking capabilities via desktop, at the door, or mobile

Current Deployment

Current Deployment

  • Deployment of the CBScreen Booking App across all sites
  • The Very Group will continue to optimize rooms and assets using data provided by CBAnalytics and CBFootprint


What’s Next?

  • Deployment of automated desk check-in/out using passive RFID technology

A return to work strategy built around you

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