Cloudbooking Launches New Report on the Hybrid Workplace

The Hybrid Workplace research paper

Cloudbooking and market research and data analytics firm YouGov questioned over 2,000 employees to discover what they expect working practices to look like after COVID-19 lockdown restrictions are lifted.

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In 2021, Cloudbooking commissioned YouGov to survey over 2,000 US and UK-based employees. The survey covered those who worked in an office before the pandemic but are now able to work from home.

The findings revealed that while the workforce might not want a full-time return to the office, staying at home indefinitely is not an option either. The majority of workers in the UK and nearly half in the US agreed that a hybrid model would work best for them when coronavirus restrictions are fully lifted.

To highlight our findings, Cloudbooking is launching a new report “The Hybrid Workplace: What Do Employees Really Think?”. The report provides insight into several key aspects of the employee work experience. These topics include:

  • Whose wellbeing has been most affected by lockdown
  • How different employees see their future workplaces
  • How US and UK employees’ perspectives differ

The survey also indicated the urgent need for businesses to become more flexible to be able to support their employees and reimagine the future of the offices.

This concept is outlined in Cloudbooking’s report:

“The results show that the needs and motivations of workforces are nuanced. There are many competing interests in terms of age, familial status and past habit— as well as factors such as geographical location and gender — that will impact what people want from tomorrow’s workspace.”

In addition to launching the “The Hybrid Workplace: What Do Employees Really Think?” report, Cloudbooking’s CEO, Gerry Brennan, will be hosting a series of webinars, along with other industry leaders on the topic of the hybrid workplace. These webinars will review the findings of the survey and offer ideas and recommendations on how organizations can respond to the increased demand for hybrid work practices.

Gerry Brennan will also be offering industry perspectives, insights and routes for businesses to consider as they navigate and implement a hybrid workplace. These will be included in an expert whitepaper titled, “The Hybrid Workplace: A Vision for the Future”, set for release in June 2021.

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