The Hybrid Workplace: An Employee Census

The Hybrid Workplace research paper

In partnership with YouGov, Cloudbooking questioned over 2,000 US and UK employees on everything from returning to work, employee well-being, and home working pressures. Find out what employees think about hybrid working by downloading your copy of our in-depth report.

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With a return to the office upon us, it is important to consider what employees and the workforce want from their workplace strategy and how employers can deliver the future workplace to optimize employee performance. 

There is no one size fits all approach to workplace strategies. Due to upcoming talent shortages, employee well-being, culture, and happiness become more of a focus for businesses. This is where hybrid workplaces become an appealing option for both employees and employers alike. Delve into our employee census, understand today’s workforce, and navigate the implementation of a hybrid workplace.

In this report, you will learn:

  • Whose well-being has been most affected by the lockdown 
  • How different employees see their future workplaces 
  • How age, gender, and home pressures affect perspectives 
  • How US and UK employees’ perspectives differ.

What is a hybrid way of working?

Hybrid ways of working are a relatively new workplace strategy that gives hybrid employees total control over where they work. Hybrid employees can work from different locations, including working from home or a designated office. 

This hybrid approach is significantly different from the more traditional full-time office-based approach. That is why Cloudbooking and YouGov teamed up to carry out a detailed employee census into the preferences and opinions of employees from the US and the UK.

Download our full report for exclusive insights into what employees really think about the Hybrid Workplace

What is a hybrid workplace?

A hybrid workplace depends on trust. It means allowing hybrid employees to decide where they should work at any given time — not just splitting the working week down the middle between the office and home. 

A hybrid workplace consists of the right technology and tools to ensure that as well as carry out their job effectively, colleagues always feel connected and part of healthy company culture, allowing them to move between different spaces seamlessly. To empower sustainable productivity, careful considerations will need to be made regarding what spaces are best suited to which activities.

How can Cloudbooking support a hybrid workplace?

Cloudbooking’s workplace management systems are here to help businesses successfully adopt a hybrid workplace through a range of innovative software. Hybrid employees will find the adaptation quick and easy thanks to a range of solutions, including Cloudbooking’s desk booking, meeting room booking, and visitor management software

Our team is here to help you solve your hybrid challenges throughout implementation. Let us show you how our software can revolutionize work and achieve your business goals with an obligation-free demo.


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The workplace needs to be managed in a people-centric way, focusing on raising productivity, maximizing estate efficiency, and focusing on people’s safety and well-being. Contact us today, and no matter what comes next, Cloudbooking will help you adapt.

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