Cloudbooking Receives New G2 Summer Leader Badge

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London, 13th September 2021Cloudbooking, a global leader in workspace management, announces that they have earned the G2 Summer Leader badge from software and service review marketplace, G2.

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As a growing company, Cloudbooking is in hot pursuit of global workplace management dominance. Cloudbooking continues to maintain a strong performance in the arena as an industry leader, showcasing its top position through the G2 Summer Leader badge.

From data released in G2’s latest report, Cloudbooking scored higher than the marketplace average with impressive satisfaction ratings. This rating system is based on G2 reviewers’ ratings on the software seller’s ability to satisfy their needs. Cloudbooking reached 90% for quality of support, 92% for ease of use and 88% for meets requirements.

G2 is a trusted technology marketplace for business software and services where users can leave reviews on the systems. The G2 badges signify high customer satisfaction scores and are awarded to businesses based on reviews, social data, and feedback from G2 users.

Cloudbooking’s COO David Miller commented, “Cloudbooking’s main priority is to provide exceptional service and support to global clients across multiple industries. It is essential to us, and we truly value and appreciate the helpful feedback and reviews from our clients so that we can continue to shake up the workplace management world and achieve our long-term goals.”


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