Cloudbooking Slashes The Very Group’s Room Booking Lead Time, Increasing Productivity

The Very Group office headquarters

Leading Online digital retailer and financial services provider, The Very Group, report’s increasing workplace productivity improvements since collaborating with agile workplace specialists, Cloudbooking.

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Increasing productivity by slashing The Very Group’s Room Booking lead time

Leading Online digital retailer, The Very Group report increasing productivity levels following collaboration with agile workspace specialists, Cloudbooking.

The Very Group signed up with Cloudbooking in July 2017, having outgrown the functionality offered by their previous supplier. The Very Group wanted a new user interface and a superior user experience for their tech-savvy workers. Cloudbooking now helps more than 6,000 The Very Group staff work in an agile way in London, Liverpool, Bolton, Manchester, and Dublin. Also, it should help them combine room booking and visitor management onto one easy-to-use platform.

Cloudbooking prides itself on its smart and user-friendly solutions. This is one of the reasons why Ms D’Arcy and her team chose Cloudbooking. “We needed a system that would show you what you needed to do. It’s intuitive, and it’s almost like it’s learning with you. Innovation is what attracted us to Cloudbooking.”

Making Work-life Easy at The Very Group

Cloudbooking’s agile solutions will “allow you to achieve everything you set out to do.” says Ms D’Arcy: “We in Facilities want to make life easy for our people, and ultimately we are here to do it in an agile and digital way. Cloudbooking allows us to do it all. It’s a company that’s investing in its future,” she added. “It’s intelligent and user-friendly. We needed an easy to use system, and we had 384 people logging on from day one. That’s a success!”

The Workplace Utilization Results Achieved by The Very Group

Ms D’Arcy says that she now has 68 meetings rooms at The Very Group’s head office that were previously heavily restricted and subject to a three-week lead time that can now be booked the next day. “We now make them available to all users. This allows us to improve access and reduce booking lead times to the next day.” Ms D’Arcy says that she’s “never been prouder or more confident in a system” in all of her years as a Facilities Manager: “You never feel just a number with Cloudbooking. Now that the system has been delivered and the implementation team has handed us over to Support, I don’t feel neglected. The Service Desk Team picked up that mantle, and they are just as committed. Customer service is important – they are still there and always will be.”

Concluding, Ms D’Arcy says: “There is nothing more Cloudbooking could have done more cutting edge. It’s delivering what we need, today and tomorrow. They will continue to develop this system, and we’ll be on that journey with them.”

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