Cloudbooking and NTT DATA Launch New Joint Integration Bot for Microsoft Teams Post-COVID-19

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Cloudbooking and NTT DATA are pleased to announce their new joint system integration bot for Microsoft Teams.

The partnership will leverage technology and data to bring system integration and innovation to the workplace — delivering a superior user experience for employees, increasing productivity and boosting real estate efficiency in a post-COVID-19 world. As businesses begin their return to work, we will see a “new normal” where team members will be empowered to work more flexibly and with safety and wellness in mind.

As a return to the office takes place, technology will play a huge role in creating a safe and sustainable environment where employees can work safely. System integration will be vital to make the transition smooth for businesses and employees, and that is where Cloudbooking’s services aim to help.

Why Did We Create a Cloudbooking System Integration Bot for Microsoft Teams?

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed the global workforce toward remote working, proving even the biggest sceptics of this new trend wrong. Having to adjust to managing a workforce who are no longer sharing an office all day has boosted demand for workplace management services that enable communication and collaboration, no matter where colleagues are based.

As a result, the use of collaboration tools has skyrocketed. For instance, Microsoft Teams has now more than 75 million daily active users, with 31 million joining in just over a month. We know, wow! With the growing use of Microsoft Teams, coupled with preparation for social distancing measures in the workplace, Cloudbooking looks to make flexible working even easier for businesses and workers during these unprecedented times.

We have partnered with NTT DATA to bring our agile work management expertise to Microsoft Teams, one of the fastest-growing collaboration technologies. Through this, a far wider range of businesses can take advantage of the Cloudbooking service suite as they plan their return to the workplace.

What Is System Integration?

Systems integration is the task of connecting two or more IT systems together so that they function as one. System integration helps businesses speed up their processes and reduce costs by improving the quality and productivity of their operations.

In the case of Cloudbooking’s new joint integration system bot for Microsoft Teams, the bot connects with Teams and enables employees to schedule, change and cancel bookings directly through Microsoft Teams. This increases the freedom and flexibility of employees and encourages productivity.

How Does Our System Integration Work?

To use the integration app, employees simply need to log in to their Microsoft Teams account and their Cloudbooking Portal account. The Microsoft Teams Cloudbooking bot, “Claude”, streamlines the process of booking a workspace or connecting with colleagues and guests via video call. This is done straight from your Teams account by authenticating users through a graph-API that retrieves details from a client’s active directory to use as booking requirements.

Now with our new joint integration bot for Microsoft Teams, you can book your next meeting by simply chatting with Claude in Microsoft Teams. Claude will check for available spaces and book one immediately, add attendees and a Teams video link for any attendees working remotely.

Users will also have the ability to edit existing bookings, add additional services (such as meeting refreshments and parking reservations) and notify reception or security of expected visitors.

Why Develop a New Joint Integration Bot for Microsoft Teams Now?

Real estate is one of the most expensive commodities for businesses — and these costs are rising. Prior to COVID-19, businesses were faced with the ever-growing demand for flexible working from employees, coupled with demand for more meeting space for collaborative work. This need is likely to grow as workplaces adjust to their “new normal”.
As a result of the changes to employee behaviour and workspace usage prior to COVID-19, many meeting rooms were often shown to be at 70% to 80% capacity in booking systems. Still, when staff checked them for last-minute bookings, they were frequently empty due to no-shows. What you think employees are using vs how they are truly using resources can be worlds apart.

The new Microsoft Teams systems integration bot, Claude, enables employees to easily schedule, change and cancel bookings directly through Microsoft Teams. Utilising Cloudbooking’s workplace management technology, workers have the freedom to operate flexibly around the demands of their diary and work in the way they want to, encouraging productivity.

There has never been a better time to reset as the workplace adapts to a post-COVID-19 world. System integration will streamline your business operations and build towards a successful future. Get your hands on our new joint integration bot for Microsoft Teams and start making the most of this fantastic system integration.

Check out Cloudbooking’s latest innovations or contact us today to start using Cloudbooking with Microsoft Teams.

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