How to Keep Your Workplace Clean: Advanced Strategy

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With people spending 40+ hours in their workplace each week, it is important this space is not only bright and aesthetically pleasing but — even more importantly — that it is clean. Keeping your workplace clean may not have sounded like a major issue, but since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, there is a renewed focus on sanitation and cleanliness.

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Over the last 18 months, COVID-19 has caused a major disruption to our day-to-day working lives, with the majority of workers having to transition to working from home. Now, as national lockdowns start to come to an end and workers start to return to the office, here at Cloudbooking, we look at how to keep your workplace clean and how our software can help make the transition simple and safe.

The Value and Importance of a Clean Workplace

From cleaning the clutter off your desks and taking out the rubbish to organising your cables and mopping the floors, keeping your workplace clean is a hugely important task that can greatly impact how your company runs and how your employees work. Below are some of the main reasons why a clean workplace is so valuable.

Professionalism and Perks

If you want to run a successful business, then you need to exhibit a level of professionalism. Whether you are welcoming potential investors or headhunting the latest talent,  you need to show them you are an organised and successful business that does not struggle to do the basics like clean your workplace. 

In addition, a pleasant office is a huge perk for the majority of today’s employees. If you can offer your workers a space where they want to spend their time, you will automatically see the benefits.


Although it sounds fairly obvious, employees are more productive when working in a clean office environment. This theory is backed up by a recent scientific study, which reported that when an office environment is more polluted (i.e. it has higher particle counts and less surface area), workers experienced reduced productivity. 

A clean and tidy workplace helps employees stay organised and leads to fewer distractions. It is therefore essential to remember to keep your workplace clean if you want your employees working at maximum efficiency. 


The safety of your workforce should always be one of your major concerns. One of the simplest yet most effective ways to keep your workforce safe is by maintaining a clean and tidy workplace. 

As staff sickness costs British firms £77 billion each year in productivity, it is important to focus on keeping your employees healthy and happy. Taking a sick day is often a last resort for most employees. Instead of taking the day off and taking the time out to recover, they will generally go to work, where the illnesses will inevitably spread. 

Especially since the global health crisis of COVID-19, there must be a renewed focus on keeping workstations and offices sanitised and clean to stem the spread of day-to-day viruses. 

Deep Cleans and Regular Cleaning Schedules

Previously the majority of businesses employed cleaning teams to carry out deep cleans nightly. This step was important for clearing away the daily accumulation of rubbish and general mess left after a day’s work. 

However, in a post-COVID world, new ways of working such as the hybrid model have meant workers share desks or spaces throughout each day. This new form of hot-desking is likely to require a more regular cleaning schedule. This is where Cloudbooking’s new sanitisation feature — which is part of our desk booking system — can be implemented to ensure a clean and safe work environment.

Monitoring Cleaning Activity

Monitoring cleaning activity within your workplace isn’t always the easiest task. Not knowing what areas need cleaning and when can lead to inefficient use of your cleaning staff’s time. 

However, here at Cloudbooking, we have two new functions as part of our COVID secure services. Now, with our meeting room booking system and desk booking system, you can set up your own “clear down” feature, with a length of time of your choice added to the end of each booking. This “clear down” time not only enables your cleaning or facilities team time to sanitise and clean the area before the next booking, but they will also receive an automated email notifying them that the area has been vacated and requires attention.  

These features of our Cloudbooking suite are designed not just to keep your workplace clean and safe as businesses around the world return to the office. They can also help companies transition to become a hybrid workplace, which looks to become a popular way of working in this post-COVID world.

Policy Settings and in-House Regulations

Keeping your workplace clean is not a simple task, but with the help of Cloudbooking, it just got a lot easier. The next step is to set up your own in-house cleaning regulations. It may be that each meeting room or desk requires a full sanitisation after usage — or however you see fit — meaning your cleaning or facilities team can work far more efficiently to keep the workplace clean while keeping your workforce safe.

 Find out how to keep your workplace clean with Cloudbooking’s latest sanitisation function. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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