Cloudbooking Delivers MS Exchange Integration on Its Workspace Utilization Solution

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Cloudbooking is proud to announce the completion of its full integration with Microsoft Outlook Exchange. Giving clients the ultimate in convenience, with the ability to book and manage their workspace via their Exchange calendars.

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Innovators setting the pace with Microsoft Outlook Exchange Integration

London UK, September 2018 – Cloudbooking, a leading agile working software supplier, today announced it has completed work on a full integration with Microsoft Outlook Exchange. Cloudbooking clients will now have the ultimate in convenience, with the ability to book and manage their workspace via their MS Exchange calendars. This is particularly important for enterprise-level organisations that use Exchange as their primary room and space management tool. Cloudbooking now integrates fully with Exchange to allow all users across an organisation to make and manage bookings using their Outlook calendar (either on a Windows or Mac client version of Outlook or via their preferred browser running O365), the Cloudbooking mobile app or via our tablets and kiosks.

Our feature-rich visitor management system also integrates directly with MS Exchange to allow colleagues to be invited to a meeting via Outlook and visitors to be added to the reception module and receive a detailed invitation, including directions and maps, parking instructions and a QR code to automate the check-in process via our CBReception app on arrival, for a truly seamless and slick visitor experience.

As the adoption of cloud-based services continues to grow, more businesses are embracing and integrating these tools into their workplace. In another first, Cloudbooking now offers a Cloud-based interface to Exchange that allows users to manage rooms, hospitality orders, resources, visitors, car parking and desks from MS Exchange.  As innovators who consistently evolve, Cloudbooking is already working on the next phase of MS Exchange updates which will include additional features and functionality, including integration with Skype for Business, further enabling clients to increase workspace utilisation and improve employee satisfaction.

Clients using Exchange Integration will benefit from:

  • Automatic integration between Exchange and Cloudbooking via the browser, mobile app, digital signage and Outlook calendars, no matter where the booking is placed;
  • Invite colleagues and rooms via Outlook;
  • User-friendly access to workspace availability, allowing easy comparison of room and invitee availability for seamless scheduling;
  • External visitors automatically receive notification with maps, directions and QR code for automated check-in;

Gerry Brennan, CEO of Cloudbooking said: “Employee expectations are rapidly changing and businesses across the globe, embracing this shift, are striving to accommodate the demands of an ever-changing workforce,”. “Many companies are now moving to a cloud-based office environment. With the workplace now no longer confined to the office walls, the focus should be to connect your people with the right workspaces, resources and technologies. such as Microsoft Exchange are critical to providing employees with a seamless work experience and we are thrilled that Cloudbooking can now deliver this.”

About Cloudbooking

Cloudbooking is the UK’s fastest growing workplace utilisation supplier, with hundreds of thousands of bookers worldwide, across some of the world’s largest companies, including Lloyds Banking Group, Shop Direct, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council, Experian, Airbus and Ogilvy. Cloudbooking provides a seamless booking solution that is agile, intuitive, intelligent and proactive; enabling people to work more effectively and businesses to use their workspace more efficiently. Cloudbooking helps organisations manage rooms, desks, visitors, hospitality, pool cars, resources and more; all from one simple, sophisticated and easy to use solution.

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