The Hybrid Workplace: A Vision of The Imminent Future

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Read Cloudbooking’s whitepaper produced in partnership with YouGov that examines the future of the workplace and the hybrid working model. Find out how Cloudbooking can help your business with our hybrid working solutions.

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Why is the hybrid working strategy part of your future?

Over the last few years, workers have experienced cataclysmic change and upheaval in their private and professional lives. The way we work is changing forever, and employees are more aware of what they want than ever before. This has spotlighted hybrid workplace strategy and how employees of all ages can get more freedom and flexibility from their job.

The term “Hybrid” has become a common workplace phrase for those undertaking radical shifts in their workplace environments. In our report, “The Hybrid Workplace: An Employee Census,’’ and its accompanying webinar, “The Hybrid Workplace, What Do Employees Really Want?”, we discussed the hybrid working model and how attitudes have changed around how and where we work. 

In part three of our series on the Hybrid Workplace, Cloudbooking’s latest whitepaper, “The Hybrid Workplace, a Vision of the Imminent Future”, we explore the following topics:

  • How hybrid workplaces can meet the diverse needs of a dynamic workforce
  • Using hybrid to promote employee well-being
  • Facilitate equality in the working environment

We also provide insights into how organizations can strategize their hybrid workplace strategies by addressing a multitude of common workplace issues raised in our survey of over 2,000 UK & US office workers in partnership with YouGov. This data provided practical examples of what businesses face when planning their hybrid workplace strategy, available in the whitepaper.

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What does a hybrid workplace look like?

In a hybrid working model, employees are not expected to work nine to five every workday. Instead, they are allowed to work where and when they want. This flexibility allows employees to carry out their work when it suits them and when they are most productive. 

A hybrid workplace requires the right tools and technology to enable employees to work effectively and seamlessly between spaces. Workplace management solutions such as desk booking, meeting room booking and visitor management systems help employees and employers conveniently manage real estate usage. A successful hybrid workplace should also foster a healthy workplace culture that connects colleagues and empowers ownership and sustainable productivity.

What are the benefits of a hybrid workplace

The workplace has changed forever, and the hybrid working strategy provides businesses with the path to follow. The hybrid working model offers employees increased flexibility and freedom, which can greatly impact employee happiness and well-being. 

Companies and employers offering the hybrid working model will also find that they can save on costs. Smaller office spaces will be required, and less equipment will be needed to supply the reduced occupancy levels. Furthermore, by being at the forefront of this new workplace trend, companies will compete for the top talent around the world.

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How Cloudbooking will support your hybrid workplace

Hybrid working models require support from up-to-the-minute technology like Cloudbooking’s workplace management solutions. Our range of software solutions helps businesses transform their working ways and digitize their workplaces. 


We are available to solve your hybrid workplace challenges. Find out how our software can revolutionize how you work and help achieve your business goals with an obligation-free demo.


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The workplace needs to be managed in a people-centric way, focusing on raising productivity, maximizing estate efficiency, and focusing on people’s safety and well-being. Contact us today, and no matter what comes next, Cloudbooking will help you adapt.

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