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With our room booking solution, we’ll find you the ideal space, when you need it.


The ultimate room booking system

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Seamlessly manage rooms, desks, visitors, hospitality, resources and video conferencing, using a single SaaS based solution via desktop, tablet or mobile. Featuring full integration with Microsoft Outlook Exchange and Office 365, our system scales as you grow.

Book anywhere, anytime, on any device

Cloudbooking solutions are offered across multiple platforms to suit all your users’ needs

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Use CBMobile, our free mobile app, to check availability and book your meeting room, desk or parking space when you’re on the go.


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Our touch-screen kiosks allow your team to check live availability, book rooms and find colleagues in just a few taps.

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MS Outlook Exchange & Office 365

Access all essential features for booking a meeting room within your Exchange, Outlook or Office 365 calendar. Easily search availability, invite attendees, order catering, and book resources quickly from your preferred calendar.

  • Automatic synchronisation between Exchange and Cloudbooking via the mobile, browser, digital signage and preferred calendars
  • View multi-location availability and invite colleagues via Outlook
  • Begin booking with little or no training
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Vendor management

An intelligent and flexible end-to-end booking solution that integrates all your supplementary meeting needs: fuel your meeting with coffee, book a video conference or organise your VIP parking - all at the touch of a button.

  • All managed with one intelligent, flexible & simple solution
  • Verified and billed against a central list of cost codes
  • Track cost and expenditure with detailed analytics
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Visitor management

Our visitor booking solution is integrated into the room booking service, so users can book in visitors as part of the room booking process. Adding colleagues and attendees within the booking system, removes the burden of unexpected arrivals at reception.

  • Photographic visitor pass printed in an instant
  • Automatic host notification sent following visitor arrival
  • Book your space, and invite your colleagues and attendees via desktop, tablet or mobile
  • Visitors can self check-in on a stand alone app which streamlines visitor traffic in reception

Smart card booking with NFC

With employee smart card authentication, placing your bookings has never been so easy. Simply tap your card on the screen, select a space, and take a seat.

  • Approved check-in only by host or attendee
  • View availability and book using our interactive 3D floor plans
  • Multiple smart card compatibility
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Digital signage

Improve room utilisation and reduce meeting room no-shows with our intuitive tablet meeting room booking service. with CBScreen app and CBTablets mounted outside meeting rooms.

  • See availability at a glance with our red, amber and green status colouring
  • Start, extend, end or amend your booking directly outside the meeting room
  • Make life easy with our ready to mount CBTablets or utilise what you already onsite with our growing list of API’s

Detailed analytics

Live reporting is available when you need it. CBAnalytics enables you to evaluate detailed and accurate real time data to inform important operational business decisions with our workspace occupancy management software.

  • Real-time analytics and MI available on dashboards
  • Live data feed from occupancy room & desk sensors
  • Identify high and low space usage and efficiency levels
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