The Great Hybrid Workplace Mash-Up

How IT and facilities must join forces for a successful hybrid workplace

The COVID-19 outbreak has not only threatened the health and wellbeing of people worldwide but has also disrupted global business norms. This has caused a host of workplace challenges and forced companies to rapidly adapt their workplace strategies.

Businesses need to reflect on the operational successes and failures during this time of uncertainty. A significant area that companies should focus on is the concept of collaboration between inter-departmental teams. Two departments, IT and facilities, have had a major impact on the smooth and successful implementation of the hybrid workplace.

Pre-pandemic, IT and facilities management were siloed environments. IT ran the digital workspace, and facilities ran the physical workplace. However, over the past 18 months, the IT and facilities teams have joined forces to create the hybrid workplace of today.

In the latest Cloudbooking webinar, we examine why this collaboration was necessary and give real-life examples of the strategy in action. Cloudbooking provides an in-depth discussion with experts in charge of implementing a hybrid workplace for their organization.

Featuring experts in the IT and facilities industry

Our Cloudbooking webinar features some of the most well-respected experts from around the world of business. Join Gerry Brennan, CEO of Cloudbooking, Daron Hill, Workplace IT at Kimberly-Clark, Colette Temmink, Board of Directors for IFMA and Chief Strategy & Product Officer, Blue Skyre, IBE, and Vanessa D’Arcy, Facilities Manager at The Very Group.

During the talk, the speakers will discuss the hybrid workplace, their experiences, what did and didn’t work, and what methods they could improve upon.

How Cloudbooking can help with hybrid working

Developing a successful hybrid workplace can be challenging. However, Cloudbooking’s innovative Cloud-based workplace management systems offer the best solution for implementing and supporting hybrid workers.

Cloudbooking’s software offers a selection of unique features that help workers seamlessly adopt the hybrid workplace. These include desk booking, meeting room booking and car park management services that enable employees to take control of their workday. This software can even support employee health and wellbeing with COVID-19 solutions and visitor management technology.

As well as transforming how employees work, Cloudbooking’s workplace management system also redefines how employers see their working environment, with extensive productivity data and live insights into real estate usage. These insights are invaluable to a workplace and help employers optimize their hybrid-workplace practices.

Discover how Cloudbooking can modernize your workplace strategy and support future hybrid-working practices by contacting our team for a no-obligation product demo.

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Hybrid Workplace Webinar

What you’ll learn in this webinar:

  • Understand, from real-life experiences pre and post-pandemic, how IT and facilities have successfully worked together to enable their people
  • Learn how to create a blueprint bringing together the physical workplace and digital workspace
  • Evaluate the technologies our high-performing teams are using
  • Analyze how and why employee wellbeing and experience can be enhanced through an IT/facilities partnership
Daron Hall

Daron Hill

Workplace IT


Gerry Brennan

Founder and CEO

Vanessa D'Arcy

Vanessa D’Arcy

Facilities Manager
The Very Group


Colette Temmink

Board of Directors IFMA
Chief Strategy & Product Officer at Blue Skyre, IBE (BSI)

The very group