Apps for Work Productivity: Top 10 Apps and Tools

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There has been a distinct rise in the popularity of tools and apps for work productivity in recent years as people seek to be increase efficiency and get more done. These apps and tools can be used for various things such as workplace management, project planning, scheduling, or even password management.

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This article serves to help readers find out a little more about the various apps and tools available and how they can help them when it comes to their working life. We have shared the top ten apps and tools to help people increase their work productivity below.

Cloudbooking: Workplace Management App

Offering user-friendly desk, visitor, and meeting room booking solutions, Cloudbooking works with some of the world’s leading organizations. These include Rakuten and Microsoft, and the work productivity app helps them make the best business decisions regarding space and people.

Cloudbooking offers a way to integrate your favourite workplace management tools and create a hassle-free experience for employees and visitors. The company has seen a significant uptick in users throughout the pandemic as the ways people work changed.

With workplace strategies needing to be changed, businesses were looking for tools that could help them to reopen safely. It helped to simplify desk booking and ensured employees had a safe environment to return to.

The app enables users to view live workplace availability and book across multiple sites, all from your mobile device. This helps to put users in control and increases productivity for employees who feel protected and cared for during these challenging times. It is an excellent resource for businesses, especially during the pandemic.

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LastPass: Password Management App

Security is a must for businesses, and this tool from LastPass does help with productivity too. It can be straightforward to get tied up with the admin side rather than your actual work. This includes searching for a password to log in to a platform or enabling access to multiple employees.

LastPass has two plans available. One is a personal plan to secure passwords and store them. There is also a business one where employees can be connected while logins remain protected. The tool claims to remove obstacles to let you get back to the things you love most. This means you can get more done and be far more productive than usual!

Among apps for work productivity, it’s a great option. It takes away the dull admin side of things and shares effortlessly between people. It also has a built-in password generator that creates long, randomized passwords to protect against hackers.

Slack: Team Communication App

Describing itself as a Virtual HQ and ‘where work happens’, it’s easy to see why Slack is great for productivity. Slack offers a new way to communicate, which is said to be faster than email and more focused than chat. This means colleagues can stay organized and work efficiently without waiting too long for an answer.

Incredibly 91% of users feeling their ability to work remotely has improved by using the Slack tool for work. It helps teams to communicate faster and more efficiently with everything documented in one place. If your team is working remotely, this is a fantastic way to keep in contact. It is highly user-friendly with some great security features.

With the ability to video chat, screen share, and drag and drop files, this tool does help make people more productive. No matter the business’ need, Slack can offer a solution.

Toggl: Project Planning Productivity App

Taking the stress out of time tracking, project planning, and hiring, this tool helps teams work productively from anywhere. It is a reliable piece of software that is loved by over five million users.

If businesses want to know how much time they spend on their business, Toggl is a really helpful tool. Toggl helps companies plan their projects to spend time on the business rather than in the business.

There are a few ways to get the most out of Toggl:

  • Track time so time-wasting activities can easily be identified.
  • Break down tasks and plan projects by itemizing tasks.
  • Review tracked time and itemized tasks to see where time and energy are best spent.

This app is a great way to monitor a team’s productivity and itemize and delegate tasks. This means it can then work out which jobs are costing the business time and money.

Google Calendar: Scheduling Productivity App

Since its release in 2009, Google Calendar has become a top-rated scheduling app. With a straightforward design and plenty of great features, businesses and individuals all benefit from it. The ability to create multiple calendars is a great way to track different tasks which integrate with other tools too.

Teams looking to maximize their productivity can benefit from the multiple excellent features Google Calendar offers. Calendars can be color-coded to identify specific tasks, and the calendar can be exported and accessed anywhere. It can even be used offline where schedules can be viewed – they will sync once back online.

Businesses can send out a daily plan from Google Calendar, letting their teams know what they need to be doing. The ‘find a time’ feature also means teams can find a time slot that works for everyone.

Trello: Task Assignment and Tracking App

It is easy to see why Trello is popular with users – it has a user-friendly design and is easy to use. Offering a way to manage, organize, share, and assign tasks is an excellent tool for teams. It has many multi-functional tools and templates and provides integration of many third-party services too.

Trello has a straightforward interface where managers can assign cards with tasks to specific members of their team. These can have a checklist of priorities and have a deadline set on them too. It helps teams to save time as everyone has their tasks and deadlines assigned to them.

Using Trello, teams can focus on their long-term goals and delegate anything that isn’t a top priority. It is a great collaboration tool and offers plenty of flexibility for teams and their tasks.

Adobe Acrobat Reader: Document Management App

There is a reason why businesses love using Adobe Acrobat Reader. It not only helps to increase efficiency but also offers protection for sensitive information too.

Many businesses find viewing documents can be a stressful experience with the software they are using not working effectively. They need something seamless, and this is where Adobe Acrobat Reader comes in. PDFs can easily be accessed from any device to organize and edit pages and add comments.

The excellent security features mean business tasks can be completed in the confidence that their data is in good hands. With password protection across devices, only those who need to see the information contained in the documents will.

This means businesses can send documents within the company that can be accessed quickly and seamlessly. This time saved on accessing documents means more time can be spent on work.

Todoist: Work Monitoring App

Helping businesses to keep track of everything in one place, Todoist allows companies to organize their to-do lists. It also enables them to get reminders for any tasks coming up in their schedule. Instead of relying on paper to-do lists or email chains, they can get reminders through the app.

Over 25 million people have relied on Todoist to help them to organize their work. With the ability to upload task files, teams can work together on projects, whether together or remotely. Being able to plan and collaborate on tasks seamlessly means teams are getting far more work done. Keeping its users happy and productive, bosses can easily monitor how effective their teams are being too.

A cloud-based service, tasks, and notes sync automatically to any device to be accessed anytime and anywhere. It is easy to see why this app has previously been ranked top to-do list tool!

Be Focused: Time Productivity App

For all businesses, time is money. This means teams need to keep their motivation and retain their focus. Be Focused is an excellent time productivity app that helps team members to stay focused effectively.

This tool enables management to set and manage tasks as well as track progress over particular periods. The app can be customized to teams to maximize the potential for productivity and help them to get more done. It can also be fully synchronized between iPad, iPhone, and Mac to be accessed anytime from anywhere.

With staying on task becoming a real problem in the workplace, Be Focused ensures things get done. The tool enables tasks to be broken up into intervals and short breaks. This means team members stay focused and motivated to complete their tasks.

Break durations can be customized, and team members can even choose to skip intervals too. This tool is a fantastic resource for keeping workers on track and getting tasks completed on time.

Due: Deadline Management App

Deadlines are so important in the business world, and these mustn’t be missed. For increased productivity, Due is a fantastic deadline management app that sends reminders in your schedule. With customizable options regarding notifications and the ability to set due dates, this is a convenient resource.

Until a task is marked completed, the app will continue to send reminders to ensure deadlines aren’t missed. It is a simple and easy-to-use app and syncs seamlessly between devices. Due dates can be set in a matter of seconds, so it is incredible to also use on the go.

Businesses have deadlines for various things, including presentations for clients or paperwork for their HR or finance teams. This app for work productivity ensures deadlines are never missed, and things get done promptly, encouraging productivity and working harder.

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