What are Visitor Management Systems and How Can They Help Your Business?

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Many businesses have already reaped the benefits of various cloud-based technologies to manage their workplace effectively. One particular piece of technology that is gaining traction is visitor management systems, which allow an organization to regulate visitors and guests in their office buildings and sites. But what exactly is a visitor management system, and what are the advantages of having one? Let our experts at Cloudbooking give you the rundown.

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What is a visitor management system?

A cloud based visitor management system is a combination of hardware and software that allows an organization to manage and track visitors in their building or site. The system combines technology, security, communication, and analytics to achieve this.

For some organizations, simply collecting the visitor’s name is sufficient, but others have higher security requirements—like badges, legal agreements, employee escorts, and more.

Firstly, visitor data and basic information are gathered upon registration to monitor the visitor and their whereabouts within the building. The visitor data also helps the organization monitor the flow of visitors, their access privileges and occupancy levels on site. This data feedback loop enables the front desk and the reception team to control and manage the people accessing the premises.

Visitors can easily sign in from any device using advanced features such as personal QR code scanning for touchless electronic sign-ins and email and SMS notifications to alert hosts of their arrival at the building. Other key features include visitor badges and passes that can be printed out upon arrival. These enable visitor tracking and distinguishes them as guests and not employees working in the building. So, you can modernize your workplace and make your office more secure with intelligent workplace management solutions.

Cloudbooking’s visitor management software is feature-rich, providing users with the ability to pre-register and use a self-service check-in app that enables visitors to check in and out, print visitor photos and ID passes, and answer health and safety questions at a tablet or self-service kiosk. A good visitor management system helps improve workplace safety via access control systems, but also has a positive impact on employee efficiency and productivity.

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Why are visitor management solutions important?

Cloud-based visitor management software is the future. Visitor management software has revolutionized the way organizations welcome and oversee visitors within their office building or site. The system makes the visitor sign-in process more efficient, accurate and consistent and provides more safety and security for organizations.

The modern workplace empowers employees to control the way they work with increased flexibility and a greater focus on employee wellbeing. Technology that improves employee wellbeing has an important role in the modern workplace. Visitor management solutions, desk booking, and meeting room booking software all contribute to a more efficient workplace designed to get the best out of employees and aid their wellbeing.

Digital transformation

It’s important to always make a great first impression. That’s why a cloud-based visitor management system can be a great way to impress guests and visitors as it streamlines and automates the check-in process, making their on-site visitor experience more enjoyable and hassle-free.

People also want faster and smarter solutions. A cloud-based visitor management system allows the organization to leverage technology, moving from traditional legacy systems, paper sign-in sheets, reception area, front desk staff, and long front desk queues that frustratingly take up everyone’s time. The traditional system involves slower and more labor-intensive processes, which are now deemed unnecessary.

Workplace safety & security

A visitor management system can increase your workplace’s safety and security levels within the building or at a designated site. By digitally automating your visitor check-in process, the organization can effectively manage the visitor authentication process by verifying visitors’ IDs and tracking visitors within the building.

A visitor management solution such as Cloudbooking’s also allows an organization to monitor occupancy levels, providing real-time data and insights into the building’s safety. This is particularly important for businesses as they must safeguard all personnel on-site during an emergency. Reliable visitor figures from visitor management system data can help identify any missing persons and prompt necessary action.

For heightened security, the Cloudbooking system also provides access control, allowing the organization to easily restrict visitors’ access to certain areas within the building to suit specific business requirements. These enhanced access controls and security clearance can help industries that require increased levels of security, such as the aerospace and defence industry or government firms, stay compliant and manage their premises.

Reducing business overhead costs

A major benefit of using a visitor management system is the reduction of overhead costs, promising a return on investment. Installing a cloud-based system will streamline and automate the visitor management process, enhancing productivity and operational efficiency.

A visitor management system can be extremely helpful in supporting reception staff or facilities management teams responsible for maintaining a pleasant work environment for staff and visitors. By automating the visitor management system, businesses can reduce the administrative burden, saving time and additional costs, and allowing staff to focus on other important tasks.

Now that many employees are remote or hybrid working. This has caused more businesses to critically analyze their working practices as well as their infrastructure, assets, and office design. An electronic visitor management system can help businesses examine their real estate with real-time data that monitors office space and the occupancy of people within the building. By using this technology, organizations can use data and analytics to improve their office space utilization and reduce real estate costs.

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Visitor management system features

Modern visitor management systems offer many exceptional features that range from basic to advanced. At Cloudbooking, we offer our world-class visitor management system and a further enhanced version, which offers additional configurations for increased security requirements.

Cloudbooking understands the necessity to maintain security and protect sites for certain industries. We currently provide aerospace and defence solutions offering key security features for visitor management.

Cloudbooking’s enhanced visitor management system

  • Pre-registration and pre-approved visitor background checks with vetting capabilities.
  • Health attestation to comply with any lingering COVID regulations.
  • Identity checks that include pre-approved citizenship and nationality checks
  • Scalable system from single sites to multiple locations and shared office spaces.
  • Self-service check-in app via tablet or kiosk.
  • Customized visitor confirmation emails providing access and location check-in details.
  • Host notifications of visitor arrivals by call, SMS, or email.
  • Live and accurate visitor management metrics and data.
  • Access control to restrict access to specific areas and buildings.
  • Location control management for secure sites or areas.

The future of visitor management

So, what does the future of visitor management look like? One thing for certain is that it will involve cloud-based technologies which offer a revolutionary approach.

Cloud-based visitor management systems are here to stay. The use of these systems by small and medium global businesses is steadily increasing. The global VMS market stood at US$ 1.6 billion in 2023 and has been predicted to hit US$ 3 billion by 2028.

Visitor management systems are future-focused and a globally scalable solution for businesses across a variety of sectors. They enhance security and safety for visitors and employees alike while ensuring that your visitor management system’s streamlined admin is also secure.

With a promising future ahead, cloud-based systems will be the foundation of new inventions, trends, and system integrations. Product and software updates that provide new and advanced features and functionality will become an important aspect of visitor management systems.

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How much does a visitor management system cost?

The price of a visitor management system can vary due to an organization’s requirements and specifications. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach; every organization is different in size and structure. Visitor management systems should be tailored to suit your business’s specific needs. They also need to be customizable and adaptable so that they can grow and evolve with your business.

If you are looking to purchase an integrated visitor management system to automate your visitor management check-in process and improve safety and security, find out more about the system and prices by booking a free trial or demonstration. It is the best place to start on your visitor management system journey.

If you contact us at Cloudbooking, you will be able to book a free no-obligation demonstration of our digital visitor management system. You can also read our EDF visitor management case study and learn how the enhanced system has improved our client’s organizational efficiency and security.

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