New Cloudbooking Report Reveals 8 Key Findings on the State of the Hybrid Workplace

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LONDON, 18th of November 2022 — Pre-pandemic, approximately three-quarters of US and UK employees worked full-time from the office. Today, one in two employees works from a hybrid workplace, according to The Future of Work: 8 Trends in Workplace Transformation, a 2022 report by workspace management specialists Cloudbooking, in collaboration with market research and data analytics firm YouGov.

The report’s findings are based on a May 2022 YouGov survey of 4,675 adults who worked in an office before and during the pandemic across the United Kingdom and the United States. The report is a follow-up to Cloudbooking’s 2021 report, The Hybrid Workplace: An Employee Census, which found that 93% of workers were against either a full-time return to the office or a full-time working-from-home scenario, preferring a blend of both — a hybrid workplace. 

“Employers must accept that the future of work is about choice — employees choosing where they do their best work, choosing to work when they feel most productive and choosing to be in the office when it suits them most,” the report states. 

Full-Time US Office Workers Outnumber Their UK Counterparts by 60%

Cloudbooking’s research also reveals a significant gap between the number of full-time office workers in the US and the UK. The report shows that 31% and 18% of US and UK workers, respectively, returned to the office full-time in 2022 — equating to 60% more US workers working in the office full-time vs UK workers.

Two-Thirds of Workers Would Be Less Likely to Join Companies with No Hybrid Working

Hybrid working is also becoming a factor in talent acquisition. Cloudbooking’s report shows that 67% of employees admit they would be less likely to work for organisations that do not offer hybrid working arrangements, suggesting that hybrid and remote working are now critical components of attracting and retaining talent.

Cloudbooking’s CEO, Gerry Brennan added, “No formula can be written and no algorithm can be tweaked for the logistically challenging act of returning to the office tens of thousands of employees who have spent the last two-plus years working from home. Global companies now have to consider a range of employee expectations to retain their workforce and build a unified global culture”.  


Cloudbooking conducted an online survey with YouGov between the 12th and 18th of April 2022. YouGov reached out to 4,675 workers across the United States and the United Kingdom who worked in an office before and during the pandemic. All results were based on respondents who fell under the category: “All UK/US adults who work in an office and are able to work from home.” All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc. 

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